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Grease trap with power

Update Time:2015-02-04 15:51:04

Automatic oil and grease scraper designed based on the principle of floating separation and the dialectical relationship between "turbulent laminar flow", make oily sewage in the flow of oil/water separation.Through the clever design of the internal structure of product, make the oily sewage at the instant of the flows through the device (oil and water to speed the relative turbulent flow), oil bead with the aid of sewage flow kinetic energy, continuous collision, changed from small to big, the accelerated motion, make different proportion of oil distribution and hierarchical, ultimately achieve the goal of oil and water separation.

Automatically scraping the oil  principle is composed of three slots.When the kitchen drainage flow into the first slot, grille machine will automatically by the food slag basket or the solid impurities (such as lettuce) river closure removed.After entering the second slot, using the principle of air floatation separation and "turbulent laminar flow" of the dialectical relationship between oil and water separation.Then waste water flows down the screen, after entering the third slot flow from the overflow weir, then through discharge outlet pipe collection.The oil in the water bead cluster upward mobility, floating in the separation tank slot, and then through the oil scraper device the oil cans to set out.

Product features
1. oil separation equipment, automatic wiper is made of stainless steel (304), no corrosion, durable.
2. fully sealed structure, no smell out, protect the environment.
3. cover an area of an area small, save a lot of space and investment.
4. fully automatic operation.
5. in sewage sludge, oil, suspended solids, and at the same time be separated from vegetable oils or animal fat.
6. oil separation device, automatic wiper in animal fats can be taken out in time, won't produce methane gas, no explosion.
7. high purification efficiency, oil scraper device effect is good, food and beverage wastewater of animal and plant oil removal rate over 90%, after processing of drainage, the animal and plant oil content lower than the national standard "integrated wastewater discharge standard" (GB8978-1996) of the three standards (100 mg/L), and even reach secondary standard (15 mg/L), can smoothly through the acceptance of environmental protection department.Automatic oil scraper oil separation device of the oil concentration of oily wastewater without too much limitation, oil concentration between 500 ~ 3000 g/m3, or higher, the separation effect is also very obvious.
8. easy installation, simple operation, can be installed on the ground, can also be buried installation, can also be installed on the floor.


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