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sewage raising up pump unit

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sewage rising machine



sewage rising machine

       Sewage lifter include: electric smash pump, water pipe, connecting pipe, pump, the pump case by crushing blade on the motor parts, located in the motor components parts, set in the lower part of pump box waste output components and water-saving switch parts;

Sewage lifting device: sewage lifting device is a sewage pump and water tank, control unit, and associated pipe fittings valve formed a system that used for lifting and conveying FeiWuShui below the sewer or away from the municipal pipe network.Can effectively solve or avoid the problems existing in the traditional sump.
The basement sewage solution
According to the residential design specification ", the basement of the basement, half under ground outside of sanitary ware and floor drain pipes, should not be connected with the upper drainage pipeline, should be set sump with sewage pump discharge.  
Now commonly used solutions are: 1, the traditional way of sewage pump sump configuration.2, using integrated closed sewage lifting device emissions.

Traditional way of sump drainage
waste water flow entered into the drainage sump , after reaching a certain level, through the sewage pump of transfering to the municipal pipe network.

But the traditional way of emissions but there are a lot of problems:
1. the natural environment pollution wastewater infiltration, soil corrosion, pollution nearby land and water;When floods, dirty water overflow, surrounding environment pollution.  
2. affect the living environment sump is difficult to achieve good sealing, there will be odor overflow, affect the surrounding environment;Can have health dead Angle in the sump, causing contamination accumulation, the rainy season and summer is easy to attract mosquitoes, spread disease.  
3. threatening personal safety in the sewage pump sump for a long time will produce corrosion, rust, also can produce toxic gases sump, maintenance staff's safety and health hazard.  
4. take up the space is large, the rules and regulations of civil high cost of water supply and drainage "installation of sewage pump sump effective volume shoulds not be less than 5 minutes a sewage pump water yield biggest", so sump is used for water storage, its volume will be bigger, not only takes up a lot of space, also took the high construction cost.And, if the sewage pump problems need to repair, you need to remove sewage pump from large sump, caused some difficulties to maintenance work.  
5. the sewage pump and high maintenance cost in the rules and regulations of water supply and drainage "sewage pump start-up shoulds not be more than 6 times per hour", so sewage pump have to choose a larger flow range, in order to reduce startup time, additional increased the initial investment of the equipment.At the same time, the deployment of installation and maintenance of special tools and lifting equipment has a high long-term operational maintenance cost.
Second, the integration of closed sewage lifting device

The structure of sewage lifting device
Working principle: FeiWuShui through the whole equipment set of entrance themselves go into the water tank, reach the equipment after the launch of the water level, equipment, automatic start to raise its sewage discharge to the municipal pipe network.  

In the sewage lifting device, set the sump tank to replace the traditional way.In addition to the import, export, vents, set the tank completely sealed, waterproof, prevent odor leaking, so the water tank of the sewage and soil out of contact, the smell will not filled by leakage in between devices, and thus to completely avoid the pollution of the natural environment, provide the repair and maintenance of a relatively comfortable working space.Set water tank volume is far more space than traditional sump.Wastewater lifting device, set the role of the tank is no longer water, but the "flow";Sewage lifting device of water pump, can be frequent start-stop, stable performance.  
Set water tank flow sewage, once to set the level of the pump will start, to raise its sewage discharge, sewage is hard to accumulate within the set water tank, reduced the incidence of peculiar smell, and at the same time, sewage lifting device is fully closed structure, there will be no odor leakage, normal exhaust through the vent outside, so, for people's life and living environment will not impact.  

Sewage lifting device set tank material, generally has corrosion resistance, aging resistance, long service life, reduces the customer pay additional maintenance costs and the risk of repeat purchasing.  
Because set water tank volume fell dramatically, and the water pump with external type installation, so sewage lifting equipment maintenance repair become simple easy to operate, also reduces the costs associated with response.