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rural area sewage treatment equipment

Update Time:2015-02-04 14:17:11

rural sewage treatment equipment



Countryside ,rural sewage treatment .

2、Model & specification:

produces the buried sewage treatment equipment is modular, glass fiber reinforced plastic series.

capacity from 0.5 ~ 50 m3 / h, a total of more than 30 specifications.

3、Main feature:

1, can be buried under the surface of the earth
2, automatic control, do not need to personnel management
3, no return sludge
4, simple operation, convenient maintenance
5, low noise, no smell
6, long service life


The process flow:
Integration equipment is designed for sewage and similar industrial organic wastewater treatment.Its main processing method is to use the relatively mature biochemical treatment technology, contact oxidation method, according to the general water quality parameters of water quality of life, BOD 20 omg/l, the water effluent BOD 10 mg/l index design, a total of six components: (1) the early pond;(2) the contact oxidation pool;(3) the second pond;(4) sterilization tank and disinfection device;(5) the sludge pool;(6) the wind machine room,


Are discussed as follows:
(1) the pond: at the beginning of the equipment at the beginning of pond for vertical flow sedimentation tank, sewage in the rising velocity of settling basin for 0.6 0.7 mm/SEC, settle the sludge with air to sludge pools.(note: o. 5-5 m3 / h do not set at the beginning of pond)
(2) the contact oxidation pool: at the beginning of heavy water after their biochemical treatment, to touch the touch the three levels, the total residence time for more than 1 hour.Enhanced equipment contact oxidation time can be up to 6 hours, packing for novel trapezoid packing.Easy conjunctiva, no plug.Packing specific surface area of 160 m2 / m3, touch the gas water ratio around now.(note 0.5 5 t/h, for the secondary contact pool)
(3) the second pond: after biochemical sewage flows into the second pond, the second pond for two vertical sedimentation basin, they run in parallel.Rising velocity for o. 3-0.4 mm/SEC.The mud by air to the sludge pool.(note 0.5 5 mt/h, sludge gravity flow to the sludge pool)
(4) the pool disinfection and sterilization equipment, sterilization tank according to the specification: "TJI4-74" standard for 30 minutes, and if the hospital sewage, disinfection pool can increase retention time to 1-1.5 hours, using solid chlorine tablets dissolve contact disinfection, sterilization device can change the dosage according to the size of the water yield, achieve water add more medicine, less water less dosing.Other disinfection devices can be made separately.(note: if used in industrial sewage pool disinfection and sterilization device can not)
(5) the sludge pool, pond, pond, at the beginning of all sludge with air to aerobic digestion of sludge in the pool.The supernatant of sludge pool backflow to the contact oxidation pool for reprocessing.Very little rest after digestion sludge, usually 1-2 years.Cleaning method can use dung sucking check the orifices of the sludge from the sludge pit bottom, sinotrans for suction.(0.5-5 t/h, the anaerobic digestion sludge)
Fan: (6) the wind room, equipment room is located in the wind above the pool disinfection, import adopts double sound insulation, muffler, inlets, fan filter, so no noise when running.Fan adopts two L type roots blower, can alternate automatically run.A single fan running life 30000 hours.

Model size(mm) volume
weight(t) material
LK-WSZ-0.5B 3200*1800*2000 0.5 1 2.9 FRP,SUS304,MILD STEEL
LK-WSZ-1B 5200*2000*2000 1 4 5.6
LK-WSZ-3B 7300*2200*2800 3 6 7.4
LK-WSZ-5B 12000*2200*2800 5 8 11
LK-WSZ-10B 12000*4900*2800 10 10 16