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Factory, Enterprises sewage treatment equipment

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Factory, Enterprises sewage treatment  equipment



Overview and introduction:
Adopts world advanced biological treatment process, the removal of BOD5, COD, is by far the most efficient sewage treatment equipment.It is widely used for senior hotels, villa area and residential area of sewage treatment, replacing the removal rate is very low, the comprehensive treatment can't meet the national discharge standard of septic tanks.After field application shows that the o series of sewage treatment equipment is a kind of ideal treatment effect and convenient management of equipment.
Using buried sewage treatment plant can provide you retain more of the earth's surface as green, square, parking lot, or land for roads, can also according to the terrain requires half buried place.Apply to stay away from municipal sewage treatment plant of the villa district sewage concentrated treatment, instead of the traditional septic tank, which can effectively remove bot5, pollutants such as cod and nh3 - n.Basic principle: the removal of organic pollutants and ammonia nitrogen is mainly dependent on the ao biological treatment technology of equipment.In a level, due to high concentrations of organic sewage gas state, in the microbial organisms as facultative microorganisms, they will convert the organic nitrogen in wastewater into nh3 - n, at the same time using organic carbon as electron donor, the no2 -- n and no3 -- n into n2, and use part of the organic carbon source and nh3 - n synthesis of new cellular material.So a level pool not only have a certain amount of organic matter removal function, reduce the organic load of subsequent aerobic pool, aiming to the nitrification, and rely on the existence of relatively high concentration of organic matter in raw water, complete denitrification, eventually eliminate eutrophication pollution of nitrogen.In o level, due to the concentration of organic matter has been greatly decreased, but still have a certain amount of organic matter and high nh3 - n.In order to make a further oxidative decomposition of organic matter, at the same time under the condition of carbonation in complete nitrification can proceed smoothly, in o level setting low organic loading of aerobic biological contact oxidation pool.In o level pool exists mainly aerobic microorganisms and autotrophic bacteria, denitrifying bacteria).Including aerobic microbial decomposition of organic matter into co2 as nutrition, transformation of nh3 - n in the sewage into no2 -- n and no3 -- n, o level a grade part water back into the pool, pool to provide a level pool electron acceptor, through denitrification in addition to the nitrogen in the end.


 Process characteristics:
1, the main body and good anti-corrosion material technology is advanced, the new elastic three-dimensional packing effluent is stable, less sludge production, does not produce good sludge bulking the sound attenuation effect of the soil deodorization facilities, no stink composition dissolve fully automatic electric control, reliability, good equipment don't cover surface area;
2, carbonaceous organic matter in raw sewage and endogenous metabolites as carbon source, saving the cost of adding the external carbon source;
3, aerobic pool in the back, can further remove organic matter;
4, anoxic ChiZaiXian, as a result of denitrifying consumes part of the carbon source organic matter, can reduce the aerobic pool load;
5, process nitrification denitrification of alkalinity can be compensation for the consumption of alkalinity;
, simple system, low operating cost;

LK - WSZ - B series of enterprises and institutions sewage treatment plant equipment technical parameters (A/O method)
A/O process will be delivering oxygen and after aerobic in series with the period of A section of the DO (dissolved oxygen) is not greater than 0.2 mg/L, O DO = 2 ~ 4 mg/L.Sewage in anoxic period of heterotrophic bacteria in the starch, fiber, carbohydrates and other suspended pollutant and soluble organic matter hydrolyzed to organic acid, make the macromolecular organic matter is decomposed into small molecule organic compound, insoluble organic matter into soluble organic matter, when these is entered into the aerobic anoxic hydrolysis product of pool during aerobic treatment, can improve the efficiency of the wastewater biological sex and oxygen;In hypoxia, heterotrophic bacteria will be ammoniation protein, fat and other contaminants (organic N or amino acids in amino) on the chain of free ammonia (NH3 ammonia, NH4 +), under the condition of sufficient oxygen, nitrification autotrophic bacteria will NH3 - N ammonia nitrogen (NH4 +) oxidation to NO3 -, by circumfluence control returns to A pool, under hypoxic conditions, different bacteria denitrification will NO3 - reduction for molecular nitrogen (N2) complete C, N and O in the ecological cycle, realize the sewage disposal.

Model size(mm) volume
weight(t) material
LK-WSZ-0.5B 3200*1800*2000 0.5 1 2.9 FRP,SUS304,MILD STEEL
LK-WSZ-1B 5200*2000*2000 1 4 5.6
LK-WSZ-3B 7300*2200*2800 3 6 7.4
LK-WSZ-5B 12000*2200*2800 5 8 11
LK-WSZ-10B 12000*4900*2800 10 10 16


Typical cases
Lee kum kee health drink production wastewater treatment engineering
1, the description of project
South lee kum kee co., LTD is a Hong Kong one hundred years old - lee kum kee corp. 's wholly owned enterprise, the enterprise USES the first military medical university scientific research development and production of the "infinite" series of health products, such as chemical raw materials, Chinese traditional medicine, food, dry as raw material to produce nutritional health products.With the need of the development of the market and enterprise, the south lee kum kee co., LTD. Will the new factory need to expand produces expansion.
After the business expansion in medicinal material cleaning of raw materials, Chinese traditional medicine extraction, cosmetic products, such as cleaning workshop produces in the process of wastewater, sewage mainly contain CODcr, BOD5, ammonia nitrogen, and LAS, oil and other pollutants.The expansion of enterprise production will increase the discharge of waste water, the waste water if not treated directly discharge will be an impact on the surrounding waters.In order to protect the environment, lee kum kee decided to deal with the wastewater discharging standard.
2, system design parameters
2.1 the design of water
The project design process of water is 600 m3 / d.
2.2 discharge standards
Sewage system in accordance with the requirements of the environmental protection department, the project of the water quality to achieve the water pollutant discharge limits (DB44/26-2001) was the second time level standard.Specific indicators in the following table 2:
Table 2 effluent water quality

PH CODcr pollutants BOD5 SS ammonia oil LAS TP
Design water 6 ~ 9 90 20 60 10 or less or less or less or less 10 or less 5 or less 0.5 or less
Pollutant index in course of the above-mentioned units in addition to the pH value, the rest are mg/L.
3, project implementation
Sewage treatment system in the project since its completion in 2008 passed the acceptance after completion.System running water stability, the effluent water quality after treatment is superior to the design target.
2. Ann leather industry co., LTD., fujian peak 2400 m3 / d tanning wastewater treatment project
Peak Ann leather industry co., LTD., is the domestic famous enterprises engaged in the leather tanning, the company had built 2400 m3 / d tanning wastewater treatment system, a set of system running water quality discharge standards far unable to meet the requirements of the environmental protection department.By using high efficient ecological technology after modification, the system water COD concentration of 4200 mg/L, ammonia nitrogen, 250 mg/L case processing, water quality stable discharging standard.The project to get highly recognized by the leadership of the department of environmental protection departments in fujian province.