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Integrated hospital sewage treatment equipment

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hospital sewage treatment equipment



Breif info for hospital sewage treatment plant

Hospital sewage plant designed for the doctor's office, hospital or other medical institutions laboratory, room, laundry room, X-ray photographic effluent from room and operating room, etc.
Due to its particularity, the hospital sewage contains a variety of pathogenic bacteria, virus, parasite eggs and some toxic and harmful substances, radioactive pollution, etc., have very strong infectivity.Particularly the infectious disease hospital sewage contains a large number of pathogenic microorganisms, viruses, and poisonous and harmful material. If not disinfected as its emissions into the city water pipes or environment, these viruses, bacteria and parasite eggs will become a origin in the environment of the secondary pollution, caused by a variety of occurrence and spread of the disease, a serious threat to human health.
Therefore, the hospital of the security and stability of sewage treatment is very important. Hospital amount calculated on hospital scale and hospital beds, generally by 0.5, 0.8 tons/day. Bed.The major pollution indicators in water is: the fecal coliform group. 238 x 105-238 x 108 / l: COD: 200-260 mg/l;Bob: 1 00-150 mg/I;SS: 100-150 mg/I;PH: 7-8."Water pollutant discharge standard of medical institution" (GBl8466-2005) according to the classification of hospital and drainage, the corresponding prescribed discharge standards. Long Kang company will be customized for clients the most cheap and fine processing equipment.
Treatment process
GBl8466-2005 hospital sewage treatment, the emission standards, a secondary wastewater treatment process must be followed (i.e., biological treatment) + disinfection, if the row to the surface of the water body of the hospital dechlorination treatment is also required. In the secondary sewage treatment of various kinds of process, according to the current hospital existing conditions of the structures (hospital there are two problems: l. used to have primary treatment facilities. 2. no enough space to expand the sewage plant covers an area of.). 
And operators for non-professional technical personnel, more appropriate USES full automatic control of two stage biological contact oxidation process + disinfection + dechlorination. Cover an area of an area small, this process produces sludge quantity is little, good impact resistance, fully automatic operation. To avoid noise, diving aerator is adopted to improve the aeration. Two stages of biological contact oxidation process, and the second largest pond effluent CODcr removal rate can reach 85%, maximum removal rate can reach 92 5% BOD5: SS removal rate up to 90. 9%, ensure that can reach the discharge standard.

Firstly sewage of hospital through the grating of floater, suspended solids by grating, grating needs regular cleaning, grille has manual and automatic two kinds for users to choose. Wastewater from the pool and flows into the grille to adjust pool, adjusting pool cuts peak, the quality of the homogenization effect. In regulating pool installed a submersible sewage pump, and a high level controller, and a diving aerator. When the pool water level at high water level, water pump automatic start work, pool sewage arrived at low water level, the system automatically stop running. Diving aerator work by microcomputer controller to control the time, timing automatic starting for pretreatment of water quality.
Wastewater from regulating pool into a biological contact oxidation pond aeration system to start, after biological treatment of wastewater, the pool has suspended filler can improve the efficiency of processing, treatment of wastewater from into the period of further processing in biological contact oxidation pond.Treated wastewater from flows into the sedimentation tank, the pool has inclined plate packing, can accelerate will from the mud.
After the separation of water from flowing into contact disinfection in the pool, on the imported automatic into the right amount of chlorine dioxide disinfectant, disinfectant after an hour, contact with sewage entering the dechlorination pool, automatically add dechlorinating agent on imports, dechlorination treatment and discharge in the pool, the biochemical pool in order to ensure that the activity of the fungi, the control of the aerator adopts double circuit control, automatic starting work when sewage station into the sewage;When the sewage station no sewage, controlled by the microcomputer time work regularly.

Process and instructions
Integration of hospital sewage disposal equipment using biological membrane method: hypoxia - aerobic treatment process (A / 0).A/O the anaerobic + aerobic biological contact oxidation process is A kind of mature biological treatment technology, has A high volume load, biological degradation speed, cover an area of an area small, infrastructure investment and low operation cost, can replace the original urban sewage treatment by ordinary active sludge method, especially suitable for medium and high concentration of industrial wastewater treatment, and province, covers an area of less investment, high processing efficiency.

The process by using the combined method of biological contact oxidation and precipitation facies, technology mature, reliable. Precipitation sludge in equipment, due to the effect of dissolved oxygen in part of the sludge has been further oxidation decomposition, part of the gas stripping to settling tank, the system only regular in settling sludge pump in the tank.System in the main control equipment such as fan and submersible sewage pump into the working of the PLC machine, automatic work, in order to reduce operation workload, and can reduce unnecessary damage.
1. the lattice grid
Effluent from production after collection pipe network system, after coarse screen into the subsequent processing system.Coarse screen is mainly used to intercept the large pieces of debris, sewage to ensure the normal operation of the follow-up treatment structures, and effectively reduce the processing load, provide guarantee for long-term normal operation of the system.
2. sewage pool
Used to adjust water and uniform water quality, sewage can compare evenly into the subsequent processing unit.Adjusting pool set pre aeration system, can improve the impact resistance of the whole system, and the reduction of wastewater in anaerobic condition of stench, at the same time can reduce the design of the subsequent processing unit scale, sewage pool submersible sewage pump is installed inside, to elevate sewage to the subsequent processing unit.
3. anoxic pool
Integration of hospital sewage treatment equipment in the anoxic pool setting elastic filler, used to intercept tiny suspended solids in wastewater, and remove part of the organic matter.The anaerobic pool after reflow nitrifying liquid in the denitrifying nitrogen, improve the removal rate of ammonia nitrogen in wastewater.After anaerobic treatment of sewage into the aerobic biological treatment ponds.
4. contact oxidation pool
The integration of hospital sewage treatment equipment, most of the raw sewage in the degradation of organic matter and purification, aerobic bacteria with packing as a carrier, use of organic matter in sewage for food, organic matter decomposition in the sewage into inorganic salts, purification so as to achieve purpose.Aerobic bacteria survive, must have sufficient oxygen, namely there is enough dissolved oxygen in water, in order to achieve the goal of biochemical treatment.Aerobic pool is provided by the fan air, pool using new semi soft packing, the packing surface area than the big, long service life, easy hanging membrane, corrosion resistance, bottom using microporous aerator, make high dissolved oxygen transfer rate, at the same time there is light weight, not aging, not easy jam, long service life, etc.

Contact oxidation pool of two parts:
Packing: this process adopts the new type of three-dimensional elastic filler, layer intensive and efficient biochemical filler, the filler has a large specific surface area, long service life, easy to hang membrane, corrosion resistance, etc.Can have certain stiffness at the same time, the packing, the bubbles of sewage in multi-level cutting, increase the efficiency of dissolved oxygen (do), moreover between packing and packing is not easy to cluster, avoid the jam of oxidation pond.
Aerator, microporous aerator is applied in this process, the dissolved oxygen transfer rate is higher than other aerator, the biggest characteristic is not aging, light weight, long service life, and has the advantages of corrosion resistance, not easy jam.
5. sedimentation tank
Sewage after dealing with the biological contact oxidation pool artesian water into the pond, and precipitation to further remove the fall off of biofilm and part of the organic and inorganic particles, settling basin is based on the principle of gravity, when sewage containing suspended solids flow from down to up, by gravity, will settle matter.After two heavy precipitation pool, the water is more clear and transparent.The second pond for vertical sedimentation basin, using the sludge pump lift mud gas on a regular basis to the sludge digestion in the pool.After precipitation of treated water into the subsequent processing equipment.
6. disinfection pool
Sewage after precipitation, virus and e. coli index is still at the end of the meet emissions standards, in order to eliminate viruses and e. coli, cast slice of disinfectant chlorine disinfection treatment, in the form of folded plate, relying on its own gravity, direct emissions near the municipal pipeline.
7. sludge digestion pool
Tank emitted excess sludge aerobic digestion of stability in the pool, and to reduce the volume and improve the stability of the sludge.After aerobic digestion of sludge quantity is less, regular contact by the sanitation department pumping mud car cleaning outbound or outbound for sludge dewatering treatment.Supernatant by supernatant reflux to adjust pool.

LK-WSZ-0.5A 2400*1800*2000 0.5 1.5 2.5 Glass reinforced plastics, stainless steel, carbon steel
LK-WSZ-1A 4300*2000*2000 1 4 4.5
LK-WSZ-3A 7300*2000*2000 3 7 6
LK-WSZ-5A 9000*2200*2800 5 9 9
LK-WSZ-10A 9000*4900*2800 10 12 13