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Car wash water recycling sewage treatment equipment

Update Time:2015-02-04 13:36:33

  • carwash recycling water treatment 

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Characteristics of the equipment
Our company produces the water-recovery equipment using the metal membrane bioreactor technology. Film - biological generator (be Bioreactor, referred to as the MBR) is a combined biological treatment with Membrane separation technology is a kind of new technology, to replace the traditional process of the second precipitation, it can efficiently solid-liquid separation, get the stability of the direct use of water. Membrane biological treatment technology application recycle of intermediate water, has the following features:

1. can efficiently for solid-liquid separation, suspended substance, colloid substance in the waste water, biological cell loss and microbial flora has separated the water purification, separation process is simple, cover an area of an area small, good water quality, general need not by tertiary treatment can reuse.
2. can make the biological treatment unit in biomass at high concentration, the volume load is greatly increased, membrane separation efficiency at the same time, make the processing unit hydraulic retention time greatly shortened, bioreactor covers an area of less.
3. because can prevent the loss of all kinds of microbial flora, is advantageous to the growth speed slow bacteria, nitrifying bacteria, etc.) of growth, so that the system in various metabolic process smoothly.
4. make the residence time of some difficult degradable organic macromolecular long, is conducive to their decomposition.
5. coating technology and other filtration separation technology, in the process of long-term operation, the film as a filter medium blockage, membrane through the water run time and decrease the effective backwash and chemical cleaning can slow down the decline of membrane flux to maintain the effective service life of the MBR system.
6. the MBR technology application in urban wastewater treatment, due to its simple technology, convenient operation.

The technological process
Municipal sewage to adjust the water in the pool to membrane bioreactor, water storage tank to chlorine tablets disinfection, washing with water
Adjust pool recommend choose concrete pool body, also can choose the plastic body, minimum volume above 1.5 m3, users adjust pool according to the stability of water quality, water quantity to determine residence time, usually stay for 2-4 hours.

Sewage after adjusting pool to stay by the raising pump after mesh filter into the biological reactor. the water level switch control by biological, when the water level reduced in the bioreactor to low water period then  pump start to work, when the water reaches high level pump stop working.

To the bioreactor in oxygen filling aeration device, ensure the microbiological and biochemical effect of dissolved oxygen, and keep the microorganism, substrate, dissolved oxygen in the reactor, namely the mix of mud, water, gas, for microbial degradation of organic matter provides favorable biochemical reaction conditions.For cleaning hollow ultrafiltration membrane surface and prevent sludge accumulation, have jet in hollow ultrafiltration membrane input device, through the ultrafiltration membrane characteristics make the air dissolved in the liquid evenly, but also have the effect of aeration.Through a mixture of microbial purification after the pump pressure to membrane components, solid-liquid separation, water through the membrane output, strong water cycle back to the bioreactor.By water film output to chlorine disinfection.

Technical parameters
1. the design of sewage water quality requirements and processing after the index of water quality to achieve
2. water processing equipment: 2-15 t/d.
3. supply power: 1.1 kW, power 220 v, 50 hz

All machine and volume could be customized according to requirement .