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Integrated Sewage treatment equipment

Update Time:2014-11-18 11:57:03
Integrated Sewage treatment equipment
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Integration of sewage treatment equipment is suitable for the residential area, villages, towns and villages, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, nursing homes, organs, schools, units, hospitals, highways, railways, factories, mines, scenic spots such as sewage and similar slaughter, aquatic products processing, food and other small and medium size industrial organic wastewater treatment and reuse.Sewage treated by this equipment, water quality meet the national sewage comprehensive discharge standard level 1 B.


Size and capacity

the buried sewage treatment equipment is modular, glass fiber reinforced plastic series, and capacity of 0.5 ~ 50 m3 / h, a total of more than 30 kind of specifications.

Main feature

1. can be buried under the surface of the earth
2. automatic control, do not need to personnel management
3. no return sludge
4. simple operation, convenient maintenance
5. low noise, no smell
6. long service life

Process description

Sewage containing cellulose, starch, sugar, organic material such as fat, protein, also contain nitrogen, phosphorus and other nutrients, the BOD5 concentration is about: 100 ~ 250 mg/L, the biological sex is good, sewage processing are normally adopt the method of biological treatment.This project adopts micro solar power sewage treatment process.

Concentrated collected sewage the anaerobic pool within the first into the sewage treatment system, sewage in the anaerobic pool complete hydrolysis acidification process, the acetic acid production process. By hydrolysis and acidification process, improve the biochemical raw sewage, thus reducing the reaction time and processing power consumption. After anaerobic pool sewage into the anaerobic pool. Use oxygen and oxygen in the pool microorganisms to degrade pollutants in wastewater. From backflow of nitrification aerobic pool fluid contains a certain amount of dissolved oxygen, change the dissolved oxygen concentration in the sewage, the sewage form good anoxic environment, denitrifying bacteria in the anaerobic pool new into the rich organic matter in sewage is used as the carbon source for denitrification reaction, will return the mixture of NO3 -n and NO2 -- N reduction of N2 released to air, sewage denitrification.

Then wastewater into the biological contact oxidation pool, conduct further degradation of organic matter in wastewater. Design of the biofilm in the biological contact oxidation method is adopted as the aerobic treatment process. Biological contact oxidation process is also called submerged biological filter and activated sludge process and biological filter composite biological membrane method, filler pool; full of biofilm on the packing, after artificial aeration of wastewater in packing with certain velocity through the pool, through constant contact with biofilm, under the effect of biofilm, the sewage is purified.In the biological contact oxidation pool, through aeration equipment to appropriate aeration pool sewage in the biological contact oxidation pool for aerobic biochemical treatment.

In aerobic biochemical treatment, further biochemical degradation by microorganisms, organic matter concentration continues to fall;Ammonia nitrogen nitrification, a significant reduction in the concentration of NH3 - N, as the nitration process, increasing concentration of NO3 -- N in sewage;Phosphorus accumulating bacteria in activated sludge under aerobic conditions phosphorus from wastewater, and put it into insoluble polymer orthophosphate stored in the body, finally through the tank discharge of surplus sludge to achieve the purpose of the phosphorus removal system.After contact with aerobic reaction, organic matter in sewage pollution has been microbial basic digestion, access to the settling basin for sediment, suspended particles in water by gravity settling to remove from the water, the lower the concentration of suspended solids in the wastewater.

Technical parameters

Anaerobic biological membrane pool
Anaerobic biological membrane pool is through within the YanYangChi filled with biological anaerobic treatment effect of a kind of anaerobic biological membrane technology.Macromolecular organic matters in wastewater in YanYangChi is broken into small molecule organic compound, can effectively reduce the organic pollution load of subsequent processing unit.During normal operation, anaerobic biofilm pool of COD and SS removal efficiency can reach 40% ~ 60%.
Anaerobic biological membrane pool advantage: saving investment, simple construction, no power operation, maintenance is simple;The pool body can be buried underground, no occupation of land;The above can be covering plant, beautify the environment.

Anaerobic biological membrane pool: the basic without removal of nitrogen and phosphorus effect, must answer the subsequent processing unit discharge after further processing.
Scope of application: can be widely used in southeast area in each village sewage after treated by septic tank or pool, constructed wetlands, ecological filter before or land ecological water purification technology such as infiltration processing units.

Biological contact oxidation pool
Biological contact oxidation pool is one of the biological membrane method. Is characterized by pool filled in the body, water immersion all packing, by aeration oxygenation, make good contact with oxygen, water and packing three-phase, attached growth of microorganisms on the packing materials can effectively remove the suspended solids in the wastewater, organic matter, ammonia nitrogen and total nitrogen pollutants.

Biological contact oxidation pool advantages: simple structure, small occupation area, and the fluctuation of water quality and quantity has the strong adaptability, less sludge production, no return sludge, no sludge expansion, the operation is simple, relatively less power consumption of the activated sludge process, the pollutant removal effect is good.

Biological contact oxidation pool: join the biological stuffing lead to increased construction costs, regulation of sex difference, the phosphorus treatment effect is poorer, rural areas should be of high total phosphorus supporting construction depth of phosphorus removal unit.
Scope of application

applicable to have certain economic capacity of rural areas, the scale of processing for a single family, multi-family, sewage treatment facilities or village sewage treatment station.The southeast region economy is relatively backward mountainous, hilly terrain available terrain height difference, reduce the power consumption of mechanical aeration by means of drop, reduce running cost.