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Underslung grease trap

Update Time:2015-02-04 14:27:39

underslung grease trap


Hang or mounted as grease and oil trap 
Separation  oily waste water through the sink into the plane for rectangular separation tank, moves slowly along the horizontal direction, the flow of oil floating in the water, the collection of tubing or set in the pool surface oil scraper pushed to set into water knockout in the tubing.Settle in the separation tank of crude oil and other impurities, accumulated to the sludge bucket, through dredge pipe into the sludge.After oil separation treatment of waste water is spilled into the drainage discharge outside the pool, for subsequent processing, to remove emulsified oil and other contaminants.


Underslung grease trap parameters.png

(1) is suitable for oil drilling, oil refinery, oil processing, chemical industry, steel, metallurgy, machinery and other industries of oil/water separation of oil and industrial oil.
(2) the kitchen, food processing, cooking oil processing industry of animal and plant oil/water separation.
(3) locomotive, car washing wastewater in oil/water separation.
(4) applies to all the proportion of less than 1 than industrial, edible oil emulsification oil-water separation.



(1) the processing efficiency is high, large quantity, energy consumption, operation cost, can use automatically and continuously.
(2) basic does not need maintenance and management, the electrical machinery and equipment.Don't jam, no impact on the surrounding environment.
(3) cover an area of an area small, project investment, strong adaptability, the selection of convenience, short time limit.
(4) the use of difference, the proportion of oil and water separation to remove particles in the water floating oil of a processing structures.
The structure of the material is SUS304 ,sheet thickness 1.5mm, good corrosion resistance.


Install and use
(1) the use of the equipment, do not need to do, just put on the cement floor, connecting pipe can be run.
(2) the equipment of water, water, oil drain are done automatically, discharge of sludge generally to once a week.
(3) the device can be placed in the outdoor, in areas not frozen in freezing area, heat preservation measures are required.
(4) the equipment basic does not need to personnel management, generally only with one person in charge.