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Clarifier equipment for sewage treatment

Update Time:2015-01-21 17:18:46



Clarifier equipment characterics

Mud scraper is composed of main girder, center support and collector, driving device, scraping clay tablets, skimming device, guide tube, discharge and control cabinet, etc.

In the driving gear, driven by girder center axis of rotation around the pool, fixed in scraper scrape arm will deposit in the bottom of the sludge scraping set to pool center set mud.

Scraper type curve using logarithmic spiral, force uniform, scraping mud, completely when the bottom in case of obstacles, system can automatically make harrow, protect the machine from damage.

Driving device can set torsion protection device, the work is more secure.
Electric control: can be set according to the needs of user requirement, set the machine stop and running time, also can interface with PLC.

Other details
1, need skimming device, the water weir plate, scum baffle, sink, please indicate;
2, indicating equipment, anti-corrosion material, motor and reducer requirements;
3, when ordering, please provide thebase civil works  diagram and indicate the detailed size of the pool.


Material: SUS304

Volume: 80m3-800m3/day


Control: PLC

Diameter of clarifier pools:10-20m

Line speed:1-4m/minute

Mud water discharge type: syphonic U pipe

Function: mud conveying and floatings cleaning

Flow direction: centric inlet , side outlet ,mud water clear out by U pipe of syphonic automaticly

Could be customized as per requirement of all kinds clients and standard.