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Acid base polluted air purification system

Update Time:2014-11-17 10:55:00

 Acid mist spray tower


Introduction in breif

Acid mist purification tower and call: the acidic gas purification tower, acid mist purification tower, acid mist absorber, exhaust gas purification tower and FRP acid mist purification tower, it has a wide range of application, high purification efficiency, low resistance, equipment cover an area of an area small, the characteristics of the machine can produce a variety of specifications and USES glass reinforced plastics product acid mist purification tower.FRP acid mist purification tower is a kind of improved products, it USES the newest division Xing results, tsinghua university, and combines the advantages of similar purification tower at home and abroad by the tsinghua university to redesign our factory production of purification tower, use level of bubbling, two-stage spray, 4 class absorption, as well as the packing layer and the tower body, the optimization of technological parameters on purification efficiency can reach 98%, after purification, the acid mist emissions significantly below the national discharge standards, is currently the most ideal at home and abroad of high concentration, high temperature, acid and alkali purification equipment.
Cleaning principle

Long Kang acid gas purification tower works: sulphuric acid, nitric acid, hydrofluoric acid, hydrochloric acid to produce gas in the process of operation, such as waste gas by induced draft fan power into the highly efficient packing tower.
When there is a certain inlet speed of acidic gas after intake pipe into the acid mist treatment tower, the impact of the device layer changed the direction of the gas and the gas because of inertia continued in the original direction, most of the dust adhesion after they stay in the water, with water after the impact water bath, part of the dust particles with gas movement, and the impact of water mist and combined with circulating spray water, mix further inside the body, neutralizing effect.Packed tower of acid, alkali waste gas purification using multistage rotary spray, absorption, absorption liquid evenly distributed, the packing design of Long Kang acidic waste gas purification tower packing layer and the tower body at the same time, the optimization of technological parameters on the gas phase upward, mist spray fluid downward, the packing multilateral flows, gas-liquid mixed fully, acid mist and liquid alkali neutralization, have ideal absorption purification effect, exhaust gas and absorption liquid on the filler surface contact, fully USES the packing has high mechanical strength, corrosion resistance, porosity, large surface, the characteristics of waste gas and absorption liquid in the filler surface have more contact area and the reaction time, the soluble in water in waste gas substances adsorbed on the absorbing liquid, waste gas in HCl, Cl2, NOX and NH3 material and absorbing liquid reaction, such as the dust in the gas water trap at the dust, dust particles due to gravity by the tower wall into the circulating pool, acid, alkali waste gas through effective filter out, after purification, the gas will be full of water, after the top of the tower of mist device to remove moisture, gas direct emissions in the atmosphere after purification.After wastewater hitches in circular pool dosing treatment can be recycled;Sediment regularly scoop, sinotrans.Acid mist treatment tower is the user preferred exhaust gas purification equipment.
Long Kang acid mist processing craft and the product of the tower integrated the advantages of similar purification tower at home and abroad, has simple structure, low energy consumption, the characteristics of high purification efficiency and applicable range, can effectively remove hydrogen chloride (HCl), hydrogen fluoride gas (HF), ammonia (NH3), fog (- H2SO4), chromium sulfate acid mist (CrO3), hydrogen cyanide (HCN) acid gases, alkali vapor (NaOH), hydrogen sulfide (H2S), formaldehyde (experiment), water soluble acid, alkali gases.

Technical characteristics
(1) process is simple, low cost, less operation cost, easy to install, corrosion resistance;
Higher dust removal efficiency, stable performance, good desulfurization effect;
(3) light weight, easy installation, transportation and maintenance management;
(4) especially for water-soluble gas dust;
Equipment characteristics: Long Kang acid mist purification tower with packed tower to purify exhaust gas, suitable for continuous and intermittent emissions management;Simple technology, management, operation and maintenance is very convenient and concise, won't cause any influence to the workshop production;Applicability is wide and various pollutants purification at the same time;Low pressure drop, large elasticity of operation, and has the very good mist performance;Tower body can be used according to the actual situation of FRP/PP/PVC material such as stainless steel production;Packing with high efficiency, low resistance of pall ring, multilateral ball and so on, which can effectively remove the odor and harmful substances in the gas, etc.


Acidic waste gas purification tower is used to handle corrosive or toxic soluble gas air pollution control equipment.Can be used in: all kinds of electronic components material manufacturing industry, chemical industry and chemical experiment sites, iron and steel industry, metal plating and metal surface treatment industry, acid pickling grinding and combustion exhaust gas removal.Can effectively purify the production process of sulphuric acid fog, hydrochloric acid, hydrogen fluoride, chlorine, ammonia and sulfur oxides, nitrogen oxides, carbon oxide gas, etc.
Applications: this technology and equipment can be widely used in chemical industry, electronics, metallurgy, electroplating, textile, chemical fiber), food, machinery manufacturing, laboratory, pickling, hardware, instrumentation, electronic industries such as surface treatment, or production of industrial waste gas generated by the reaction process, also can be used in the exhaust gas purification in the process of phosphate reaction.
Otherwise to choose from: various purification tower flue gas absorption tower, spray tower, caustic wash tower, the exhaust gas purification tower, activated carbon adsorption tower, etc. Series purification tower spray tower, washing tower, caustic wash tower, biogas desulfurization tower, etc.
Data and specification:

Type No. Air capacity

Inlet size
Out let size
cycle water volume
LK-PLT-650 1000 500~800 Φ650×2700 Φ180 Φ250 6
LK-PLT-800 2000 Φ800×2800 Φ250 Φ350 7.2
LK-PLT-1000 5000 Φ1000×3100 Φ350 Φ455 8.4
LK-PLT-1200 8000 Φ1200×3400 Φ455 Φ485 10.8
LK-PLT-1400 10000 Φ1400×3600 Φ485 Φ550 12
LK-PLT-1650 15000 Φ1650×3900 Φ550 Φ610 13.2
LK-PLT-2000 22000 Φ2000×4200 Φ610 Φ690 15.6
LK-PLT-2400 28000 Φ2400×4700 Φ690 Φ800 18
LK-PLT-3000 33000 Φ3000×5400 Φ800 Φ900 32
LK-PLT-3500 40000 Φ3500×5800 Φ900 Φ1000 46


1. This equipment should be installed at more than 100 mm above the ground, on the basis of concrete pump, fan should be required to do other concrete foundation.
2. Transport when installation should pay attention to protection, must not touch the damage of the body and parts.
3. This equipment factory, the company according to the specific situation, using segmented the packing and shipping, but by the company to send personnel to the scene to guide the installation.
4. Equipment installation and working in outdoor, winter at the bottom of the pool area pay attention to the frost.
5. This equipment is at the bottom of the pool level markup, according to the fluid prior to use the tag into absorbing liquid.In use process should pay attention to supplement absorption liquid.
6. When using, should first open a circulating pump, and then start the blower, downtime should stop blower after 1 to 2 minutes, then stop circulating pump.
7. Should be periodically checked according to the use of acidic liquid in the tower body at the bottom of the pool depth and exhaust gas purification degree, exceed standard.Should be replaced at the bottom of the pool in the absorption solution.
8. This equipment should be done once a year and a half to two years maintenance, check disk fill situation of spray tube and packing, and cleaning.