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Laundry chute linen chute

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                                                    Laundry chute




laundry chute

Laundry chute and application 

Gravity laundry chute system is fashionable facility in building,applied for providing dirty clothes convenient carrying and treatment , and it’s a simple, fast, heathy and economic way for high-rise residential and commercial building. In care of usage ,each floor the clothes are put into intake door, with gravity the clothes can drop down along the stainless steel chute, and directly transported to the laundry room; the system well performed and equipped for the hotel, hospital ,apartment, college, supermarket and some company for daily clothes collection and treatment.


Basis of Design and Fabrication: Longcom Electro-mechanical Equipment(Guangzhou) Co., Ltd.

Laundry chute parts specifications

Available Door Sizes

Bottom hinged Side hinged

12”W×15”H 12”W×12”H

15”W×18”H 15”W×15”H

18”W×18”H 18”W×18”H

21”W×18”H 21”W×21”H

24”W×24”H 24”W×24”H

Standard chute size and door size

24” 15”W×18”H, 21”W×21”H

28” 18”W×18”H, 24”W×24”H

30” 21”W×18”H, 24”W×24”H

36” 24”W×24”H, 24”W×24”H

A.Chute Metal: 304 Stainless Steel cold-rolled, steel sheet welded.


B.Thickness: 0.05-0.060 inch 

C.Chute Size: [24 inch] [28 inch] [30 inch] [36 inch] diameter.

D.Intake Door Assemblies: Stainless steel front and back, noiseless, self- closing; as required to provide side or bottom hinged.  And with corrosion-resistant, industrial grade steel frame.

E.Door type:  [Right] [Left] side hinged, not for public access applications.

F.Size:  Manufacturer’s standard size for door type, chute type, and diameter indicated.


G.Finish:  Stainless steel, front and back, with smooth finish.

H.Handles and Locks: compliant lever handle, cylinder locks if required.    

I.Discharge Assemblies: Hopper discharge is recommended ,doors required to provide fire protection equipped with shut off  in the event of a fire.

Hopper discharge constructed of same material as the chute, supported by a 2” diameter adjustable pedestal, [24” wide x 30” high] [28” wide x 36” high] [36” wide by 48” high] 


chute .jpg


A.Heat and Smoke Detector connection:  Electro Thermal Fusible Link and wire connection at Manual Control Box to lock out chute doors. NOTE: Only operable with electric & pneumatic interlock systems. (Heat Sensor located outside discharge door).  Detector supplied by others, manufacturer provides connector only.

B.Access Door Assembly:  Stainless steel front and back, noiseless, self- closing with lever handle; as required to provide fire-protection and temperature rise ratings indicated.  And with corrosion-resistant.

C.Intake Door Baffles:  Rubber baffles, 3 mm thick to minimize back draft when door is opened.



A.The laundry chute sections shall be factory assembled and all vertical seams shall be fully welded.  All sections shall sleeve inside the sections below and there shall be no bolts, clips, or other projections inside the chute to snag the flow of material.  Pre-positioned support clips shall assure proper intake levels and there shall be an expansion joint in the chute between all support joints.  Discharge offsets, where required, shall be reinforced with steel sheet material at area of impact.  No ‘spiral’ manufactured sections within chute will be allowed.  

B.Vent: Full diameter steel 0.06-0.080” vent extending 2-3 feet above roof with metal safety cap.


Standard Floor Frames: Corrosion resistant, industrial grade, steel angle and floor frames, are around 1-1/2” x 1-1/2” x 3/16”.


Install chute in accordance with approved shop drawings and manufacturer’s printed installation instructions.General Contractor shall provide control line for location and finished face wall to determine chute intake centerline location.




A.Manufacturer: Longcom is documented experience-producing products 

B.Installer: Approved , and/or having a minimum of five (5) years experience.Products must be manufactured in the Longcom . 

C.Warranty :by the manufacturer and installer of the system.

D.Complied Standard: Provide chutes complying with GB,NFPA 82 or BS serial requirements.


Manufacturer’s warranty: Furnish manufacturer’s standard one (1) year warranty from date of installation.  Warranty shall apply to defects in product workmanship and material only.


The following work is excluded from the scope of work in manufacturer ,and including work for others.  The Electrical circuits with disconnects are required and are to be installed by others ,

    The Water supply and valves to fire sprinkler heads and flushing spray heads offered by others.

 The following should be confirmed before a project order. 

1. Product Data: 

Manufacturer’s product specifications, standard details and recommendations for project conditions; indicate selected sizes and installation details specific to the project.

2. Necessary drawings: 

Indicate chute location

Specific project conditions

Interface with adjacent construction

Dimensions and clearances required

Products required for installation of the chute, but not supplied by manufacturer.  


Material sus 304