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Plastic dirt-pocket trap manhole

Update Time:2014-11-19 16:00:23


Plastic dirt-pocket trap manhole



diameter of the manhole

longcon plastic manhole diameter:

750x280x480mm、750x380x680mm 900x480x780mm. 1000x600x860mm. 1200x700x1000mm

Plastic dirt-pocket trap manhole

Plastic dirt-pocket trap manhole suitable for a rain sewage pipelines and removal for maintenance workers check, the ancillary structure, is convenient for regular inspection and dredge pipe, prevent pipeline blocking the necessary facilities.Plastic inspection Wells with polymer resin as raw material, adopting the combination structure, usually by the well, wellbore, manhole covers, build a supporting plate and concrete, etc.Key hole of the part using a one-time molding, to variable diameter joint, variable Angle joints and fittings such as sealing ring to change the connection pipe diameter and Angle.Form a complete set of inspection Wells developed injection molding of manhole cover, shaft, shaft, road load through the manhole cover, well applied to check around the well, to avoid the road load to the destruction of the inspection well, cover has the function of the floating up and down, to take the initiative to adapt to the discretion of the road to change, at the same time shaft adopts single (double) wall corrugated pipe and adjust the shaft, according to the embedding depth interception corresponding length, has a great deal of flexibility.Wellbore, into (out of) a rubber sealing ring is used to connect water pipes and well block flexible connection, can adapt to small changes in Angle, construction is convenient and quick, sealed performance is good, effectively prevent leakage, environmental protection and energy saving.