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HDPE plastic manhole

Update Time:2014-11-19 15:54:06


HDPE drainage plastic manhole



HDPE plastic inspection shaft is introduced
HDPE is a kind of high crystallinity, nonpolar thermoplastic resin.Square one HDPE appearance is milk white, in a small cross section in a certain degree of translucent.PE has excellent resistance to most of the life and the characteristics of industrial chemicals.Some kinds of chemicals can produce chemical corrosion, such as corrosive oxidant (nitric acid), aromatics (xylene) and halogenated hydrocarbon (CTC).The polymer is not hygroscopic and has a good waterproof steam, can be used for packaging purposes.HDPE has the very good performance, especially high insulation dielectric strength, make it very suitable for wire and cable.In the level of high molecular weight has excellent impact resistance, even at room temperature under 40 f low temperature are so.A variety of unique characteristics of grade HDPE is the appropriate combination of four basic variables: density, molecular weight, molecular weight distribution and additive.Different catalyst is used in the production of customized special performance polymers.These variables combine to produce different USES of the HDPE grade;In performance to achieve the best balance.


The technical parameters of plastic inspection Wells
Plastic check well technical parameters of well diameter specifications: 750 x280x480mm, 750 x380x680mm 900 x480x780mm. 1000 x600x860mm. 1200 x700x1000mm