Rainwater Collection and Treatment
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Rain water purification machine

Update Time:2014-11-20 10:41:28


1. Product introduction
Material: high quality glass fiber gel materials, glass fiber reinforced plastic
Main accessories: quartz sand filter, automatic drug delivery device, various valves, pressure relief backwater
Main components: 1) the glass fiber reinforced plastic shell and cover plate;
2) built-in English sand filter cylinder a multi-way valve, filter material (configuration);
3) automatic chlorine a;A set of valve group.

2. product features
1) complete rainwater depth filtration, filtration precision of 50-100 microns;
2) rain filtration of wastewater sewage can be done through the valve switch pollution;
3) to chlorine disinfection of water, avoid water metamorphism and taste, assure the water quality of rain;
4) pressure return pipe, processed to rain rain pool, maintain water quality;
5) product adopts sand filtration, high filtration precision, backwash, complete configuration, achieve multi-usage.

3. Specification

Rain water purification machine parameters.png

The name of the type filter
(m3 / h) equipment size
Power (L * W * H) mm
(kw) filtering approach
Polyester fiber filter LKGL 18 1100 x 1220 x 980-16 sand filter cylinder Φ 1.1 650
Quartz sand filter LKGL - 25 25 1324 x 1514 x 1270 sand filter cylinder Φ 2.2 1514
Quartz sand filter LKGL 46 46-1100 x 1220 x 980 3 polyester fiber

4. the applicable scope
Widely used in municipal water comprehensive management system, rainwater collection processing module, the rainwater depth filtration and disinfection treatment, with the use of water is to meet the standard, the filtered water used for landscape water, flushing laundry, agricultural irrigation and other USES.

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