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Automatic cleaning filter

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Automatic cleaning filter working principle

Self-cleaning filter is applied more widely in water treatment industry equipment, its simple design and good performance make sewage achieve the best filtering effect.Main components: motor, electric cabinet, control line, head of components, filter components, 316 l stainless steel brush, framework components, transmission shaft, import and export connecting flange, etc.Self-cleaning filter to overcome the traditional filtering products, quantity is small, vulnerable to contamination jams, filtering, part of the need to remove the cleaning and unable to monitor the state of the filter, and so on shortcomings, with the raw water to filter and automatic filter cleaning function, the discharge of pollutants by uninterrupted water supply and cleaning sewage system, can monitor the working state of the filter.

1. Water from the inlet to the filter, first through the coarse filter components to filter out larger impurity particles, and then to the fine screen, through the fine mesh filter tiny particles of impurities, water through the outlet.In the process of filtration, fine mesh lining material gradually accumulation, it will form a pressure difference on both sides of inside and outside.When the differential pressure reaches the preset value, the will start automatic cleaning process: drain valve is opened, the head of the component of hydraulic motor and hydraulic cylinder to release pressure and water;Hydraulic motor chamber and the pressure in the suction dirt fell sharply, because the negative pressure effect, through the suction nozzle drain contamination of fine mesh lining, the hydraulic motor room by hydraulic motor, through the drain valve, forming a pollution process.When the water flow by the hydraulic motor, drive soak pipe rotation, driven by the hydraulic cylinder piston pollution tube axial movement, pollution components through the combination of axial movement and rotation motion completely clean the whole surface of a mesh inside.The cleaning process will continue for several seconds.Close drain valve at the end of the washing, increase water pressure can make the hydraulic cylinder piston back to its initial position, the filter washing cycle began to prepare for the next.In the process of cleaning, filter machine normal working non-stop.

2. The principle of backwash automatically on: said earlier, backwash by hydraulic valves to open and the action of the hydraulic cylinder piston, and these are all through the irrigation controller to control.Back flush controller according to the differential pressure from the inlet and outlet of the filter value can accurately control the hydraulic valve and hydraulic cylinder, and the controller's power comes from the pressure pipeline itself.

3. The self-cleaning filter features: during backwash uninterrupted water supply, the backwash in net filter every bit of the suction nozzle.Only when backwash suction nozzle with fine mesh between small local pressure changes, and the collector and the action of the hydraulic cylinder also does not affect the normal water supply.Consumed at the same time, in the backwash water volume is small, with flow rate of 300 m3 / h filter as an example, its backwash flow of 35-40 m3 / h, backwash time is 7-15 seconds, backwash water volume for 80-160 l.

 Automatic cleaning filter parameter.jpgAutomatic cleaning filter parameter.jpgAutomatic cleaning filter parameter.jpg

Automatic cleaning filter parameter.jpg

 Technical characteristics


A high degree of automation.Covered by 10 um to 3000 um requirements of various kinds of filtration precision.Self-cleaning filters, operation and control does not need any external energy can automatic cleaning filter and automatic sewage.Don't stop during backwash, filter cleaning cycle can be adjusted, self-cleaning filter time default is 10 to 60 / s, cleaning water filter loss of water accounts for only 0.08 to 0.6%;Filtering precision can reach 10-3000 microns;Working pressure of 1.0 to 1.6 Mpa;A single flow: 4-4160 - m/h.Any position can be vertical, horizontal, the horse any direction installation

1. The design has simple structure, cover an area of an area small;
2. The cleaning time is short, small pressure loss, sewage, water consumption less, not more than 1% of the total flow;
3. High filtration precision, suitable for all kinds of water quality;
4. Intelligent control system (PLC, PAC) control, high degree of automation, which can realize remote control;
5. Equipped with motor overload protection, which can effectively protect the motor;
6. When cleaning sewage uninterrupted water supply, without having to bypass the characteristic;
7. The maintainability is strong, easy to install remove;
8. Pipeline connection with users for flange connection, flange adopt national standard flange, versatility;
9. The service life is long, use mesh for life, don't need to change


Range of application
Steel: used for raw materials, sintering pellet plant water treatment filter, blast furnace, rolling mill, continuous casting machine, such as system cooling water filter, high pressure water phosphorus impurities filtration system.
Car: coating production line, in the car, tractor, motorcycle and engine manufacturing, water treatment system has a wide range of applications
Power plant: used for the precision of the power plant boiler high pure water preparation preprocessing part, the generator cooling water, seal water filtration, 13-4 of heavy water when can be used as the filter processing.
Petrochemical industry: beside the circulation water yards do filter processing, can be single or multiple models the main processing in parallel, to replace the filter material to filter, reduce the filter material to filter load, can avoid a lot of rinse water consumption, cost savings.
Agricultural landscape and paper mills: in a nozzle, the nozzle system, should be reduced due to the impurities caused by equipment jams, wear, so you need to choose high precision, high automatic filtering products machinery, food or other: the system automatically, precision filter, used to prevent the cooling water system jam.
Mine: filtering underground water spray, to guarantee the system working properly.
Water supply and wastewater treatment: used for pretreatment system, improving the efficiency of the system.
Widely used in water treatment, industrial circulating water treatment, sewage treatment, mining, golf courses, water treatment, water treatment, construction, steel, petroleum, chemical, electronics, electricity, textile, papermaking, food, sugar, pharmaceutical, plastics, automotive industry and other fields.

Technical parameters
Continuous water supply: when cleaning water rarely, filter water yield is 1%, the flush time is 2 ~ 15 seconds, the system uninterrupted water supply.
High filtration precision, the filtering precision can reach 20 microns, there are all kinds of precision filter for your choice.
Large filtering area: standard filter effective filtering area is 7 ~ 40 times that of the entrance.
Clean and reliable: there are many kinds of control mode, manual, differential pressure, time, choice of PLC program logic control, etc.
Simple: install economy structure forms, suitable for installation, all kinds of site conditions and shall not affect the operation effect.
Long service life: normal life for more than 10 years, for stainless steel mesh, according to the needs, different specifications of the filter can be easily replaced.
Pipe diameter Φ filter traffic
(m3 / h) filter area
(cm2) drain valve
DN (mm) motor power
(KW) weight (kg)
LKQX 50 0.55-150, 150, 150, 7500, 310
LKQX 50 0.55-200, 200, 300, 7500, 320
LKQX 50 0.55-250, 250, 450, 7500, 350
LKQX 50 0.75-300, 300, 600, 14500, 460
LKQX - 350 350 900 17500 80 510 0.75
LKQX - 400 400 1200 21500 80 638 0.75
LKQX - 450 450 1500 25000 80 956 0.75
LKQX - 500 500 2000 26000 80 1056 0.75