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Slut type drainage ditch

Update Time:2014-10-16 11:06:11

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Slut type drainage ditch

  Gap drain is on the shop is only leave a 15 to 20 mm gap, effect concealment is beautiful, very suitable for strict in pavement landscape of the mall, shopping area, high-grade residential, hotel, landscape, and other outdoor drainage system.It with cleaning maintenance well, down Wells, the system accessories together to form a complete drainage system.

System formation description :

The resin sand concrete groove body
Steel structure slot cover plate
Material: 304 stainless steel/galvanized
Cover: slot cover plate (partial seam. Raphe)
Gap height: 80/100 mm, or according to the thickness of pavement material
Beautiful gap width: 15 mm (contact)

Ditch the body width: 100/150/200 mm
The groove body height: 60/95/100/260/360 mm
The groove body material: resin concrete
Slot drainage system by:
Slit type resin sand drains
Cleaning maintenance well
System accessories

Slit type resin sand drains main advantages
1, the strength is big, both strength and bending strength are more than 1 times the concrete, contrast diagram as shown below:
2, not bibulous, so as not to under the conditions of high temperature controlled large freezing and thawing, not cracking;
3, wall surface is smooth, drainage effect is good, not casually hang garbage contamination, the construction is simple, the pay-off after installation, mainly is the sealant connection, the grouting curing.
4, long and low maintenance cost of the product life cycle. Through the maintenance Wells can be convenient for maintenance cleaning work.
5, the shape of the slit, difficult to detect, and shall not affect the effect of ground shop, with a straight crack show, beautiful, generous and practical.