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Rainwater collection unit
Longcom rain groove
Longkon new rain groove water system in the breakthrough, on the basis of traditional buildings fell down gutters, pursue innovation thinking concept, designed the contemporary color sleek new water system.To enhance the construction of the overall effect, make the building adds a unique charm.To satisfy the customers thirst for innovation;A variety of colors of white, grey, brown, make the choice of the color for customers, and make the building exterior wall and roof more bring out the best in each other, full of vitality, make the building more harmony with the environment.
Raw materials using high-tech weather resistance formula, long service life, anti-aging, under the harsh environment will not fade, peel and corrosion phenomenon, at the same time, the new element additives, introduced from abroad, in line with the requirements of green environmental protection.Super abundant water system fitting the variety is complete, convenient installation, and is equipped with a professional construction team and marketing network.As developers, construction contractors, architects and owners of the preferred brand.


Cullis features:
1, well-designed double-wall structure, the inner structure to make products more solid, more durable.
2, roof gutter wall designs for the small arc edge, prevent GouWu, easy to clean.
3, the set of fixed parts make the gutter can adapt to any Angle mounting surface.
4, high temperature resistant PVC material