Rainwater Collection and Treatment
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Rain water harvesting and storage solution

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PP rain water collection mould unit

1. Introduction

Rainwater collection module is an important part of the comprehensive utilization of rainwater system, can effectively will rain are collected and stored.Rainwater collection device through the PP module rainwater collected rainwater resources can flush the toilet, labor road, watering the lawn, water filling water, even used in circulating cooling water and fire water.Can ease the current situation of urban water resources, to make full use of rainwater and rainwater valid responses, the effect of rain water recycling, is a kind of the effective ways to cut.

2. Specification

Rain tank module.jpg


3. Product features
(1) flexible product design.By a number of PP module combined into a rain rain water storage tank, the shape of the rainwater collecting box can be any combination according to the demand, without being limited by the space;
(2) long service life.Long Kang rainwater collection module USES is PP renewable material, material is durable, ageing resistance, high temperature, low temperature, can adapt to all kinds of bad environment;
(3)construction is convenient, short time limit.Because module adopts the method of joining together each other, simple construction, no large machinery, and can be crates assembly at the scene, can realize the excavation on the day of the backfill;
(4) transportation fast.Separation design, module can be arbitrary disassembly, saving valuable transportation space;
(5)strong bearing capacity.In the same industry at home, Long Kang module bearing a commanding lead.Module structure with super pressure ability, so the water can continue as a green, square, pedestrian and driveway, parking lot, etc.;
(6)Environmental protection.Long Kang rainwater collection module made from recycled PP material, green environmental protection, deep underground does not destroy the ecological environment system, maintenance is simple, and can be recycled again;
(7)the cost is low.Compared with the traditional stainless steel sink, concrete pool, Long Kang rain module from several aspects to reduce the time cost, transportation cost and maintenance cost.


4. Product application
Rainwater collection device has a very wide range of areas, covering urban residential area, municipal public roads, green square, park, industrial park, etc., to save the limited of the outer space.Standard can be installed in the garden area, residential area, enhanced and strong type may be installed in the area of driving, and in driving the regional coverage greater depth, reasonable install the module under the driving area must be under the professional engineering designers.PP module, rain, rain water storage tank, rainwater storage module, buried rain boxes, buried the rain water tank, stainless steel rain water tank.
1, environmental protection, sanitation, such as landfill, sewage treatment plant, power plant regulation pool, industry, hospital, solid waste, etc.;
2, HDPE geomembrane suitable water conservancy projects, such as rivers and lakes of reservoir dam seepage and leakage, reinforcement, the canal seepage control, vertical wall, slope protection, etc.;
3, HDPE geomembrane in municipal engineering: the subway, building underground engineering, planting roof, roof garden, sewage pipe seepage control;
4, polyethylene anti-seepage film applicable garden: artificial lake, river, reservoir and golf course of the bottom of the pond, slope protection, green lawn waterproof, etc;
5, high density polyethylene geomembrane for petrochemical, chemical plants, refineries, storage tanks, seepage control, chemical reaction pool, sedimentation tank lining and secondary lining, etc.
6, polyethylene geomembrane suitable mining: washing pool, pool heap leaching, heap yard, dissolving tank, tank, the bottom line of the yard, tailings anti-seepage, etc;
7, low density polyethylene film applicable traffic facilities: highway foundation reinforcement and culverts of seepage control;
8, HDPE geomembrane suitable agriculture: reservoir, the drinking pool, XuShuiTang, waste treatment, seepage of irrigation system;
9, HDPE geomembrane suitable aquaculture: intensive, factory breeding pool, fish pond, shrimp ponds circle of lining, sea cucumber, slope protection, etc.;
10, HDPE geomembrane suitable salt industry: saltworks crystallization pool, halogen pool plastic film covering, salt film, salt pond Shan membrane.

1. Product introduction
HDPE geomembrane as a new type of material, has excellent anti-seepage, anti-corrosion performance, good chemical stability, and can be processed to meet the need of practical engineering features and functions, has been widely used in water conservancy projects such as seepage prevention of dam, dam, reservoir, as well as channels, reservoirs, sewage pool, swimming pool, housing construction, underground buildings, sites, environmental engineering, etc as proof, anticorrosion, leakproof, moistureproof material used.Since the 1930 s, developed countries began to wide application of the technology, our country also starting in the 80 s in various engineering gradually promote the use of HDPE geomembrane.
2. Product parameters

weight/roll  kg
0.25 8.00 100 800 192 0.24
0.35 6.00 70 420 141 0.34
0.50 5.0-6.0 50 250/300 120/144 0.48
0.75 5.0-7.0 100 500/700 360/504 0.72
1.00 5.0-7.0 100 500/700 480/672 0.96
1.50 5.0-7.0 100 500/700 720/1008 1.44
2.00 5.0-7.0 100 500/700 960/1344 1.92


The composite geomembrane
1. Product introduction
Compound geomembrane is by filament geotextile or staple fiber geotextile and PE geomembrane compounded by the heat, has excellent characteristics of surface drainage, seepage control.Composite geomembrane is divided into a cloth a membrane and two cloth film, 4-6 m wide, weighs 200-1500 g/m2, tensile and tearing resistance, bursting physical mechanics performance index is high, the product has high strength, good extension performance, large deformation modulus, resistance to acid and alkali corrosion resistance, ageing resistance, good anti-seepage performance.Can satisfy the water conservancy, municipal, construction, transportation, subway, tunnel, the seepage control engineering construction, separation, reinforcement, anti-cracking reinforcement and other civil engineering needs.Due to the choice of the polymer material and production process to add the aging proof agent, it can be used in the abnormal temperature conditions.Commonly used in dam seepage prevention and drainage ditches, and anti-fouling processing of scrap yard.
2. Product parameters
(1) A cloth two membrane
Base cloth: 100-1000 - g/m film thickness: 0.1 1.5 mm
(2) A cloth to a film
Base cloth: 100-1000 - g/m film thickness: 0.1 1.5 mm
(3) The two cloth a membrane
Base cloth: 80-600 - g/m film thickness: 0.2 1.5 mm
3. Product application
Mainly used in water conservancy, transportation, tunnels, airports, metallurgy tailings, waste dump, roofing seepage control and reinforcement engineering seepage control.

A. Product introduction
Geotextile are stipulated by the state for civil engineering is a new type of construction material, by filament or short fibers into the reticular arrangement through different equipment and technology, after acupuncture, etc for different fiber interwoven together, mutual tangles fixation make fabric normalization, make the fabric soft, rich, thick, stiff, so as to meet the needs of different thickness and length according to use silk into filament non-woven geotextile or short silk non-woven geotextile, filament tensile strength is higher than the short wire. Due to the soft fiber has a certain ability to resist tearing at the same time has the very good main functions are: filter, filter water, reinforcement effect.Specifications from 100 grams to 800 grams per square metre per square metre.The main material for the polyester fiber, has excellent permeability, filterability, durability deformation ability to adapt, has the very good surface drainage capacity at the same time.


(1) as a retaining wall reinforcement in the backfill, or used to anchor retaining wall panel.Build a package type retaining wall or abutment.
(2) the flexible pavement reinforcement, repair the crack in the road, to prevent the reflection cracks.
(3) increase the stability of rock slope and reinforced, prevent water loss and soil erosion and soil temperatures when the frost damage
(4) then ballast and subgrade, the isolation layer between the isolation layer or between subgrade and soft soil foundation.
(5) artificial filled soil, pile of stone or isolation layer of the material field and foundation, the isolation between different permafrost.Filter and reinforcement effect.
(6) store ash dam or the early stages of the tailings dam upstream filter layer on the surface of the dam, retaining wall drainage system in the backfill soil filter layer.
(7) drainage drainage tubes or gravel around the perimeter of the drainage culvert filter layer.
(8) relief Wells, water Wells in water conservancy engineering or baroclinic tube filter layer.
(9) roads, airports, railway road can be compared and artificial stone pile and foundation between the isolation layer of geotextiles
(10) inside the earth dam vertical or horizontal drainage, soil into the void water pressure in the lift.
(11) earth dam or dam anti-seepage geomembrane in the back or a drain at the bottom of the concrete surface protection.
(12) ruled out tunnel surrounding ooze water, reduce the lining on the web of pressure and water seepage around the building
(13) Playground artificial fill soil foundation drainage.
(14) road (including temporary road) railway, bank, earth-rock DAMS, airports, stadiums and other projects to strengthen the soft foundation
Product features
1, do not contain chemical additives and without heat treatment, is environmentally friendly building materials.
2, have good mechanical properties, good permeability, corrosion resistance, anti-aging.
3, strong resistance, and corrosion performance fleeciness structure, has the very good drainage performance.
4, have a good friction coefficient and the tensile strength, has the capability of geotechnical reinforcement.
5, with isolation, filter, drainage, protection, stable, strengthen, and other functions.
6, can adapt to the uneven at the grass-roots level, can resist the construction external force damage, creep decrescent.
7, good continuity, light weight, convenient construction as a whole.
8, as permeable material, so has the very good filter isolation function, puncture resistance is strong, so has good protection performance.