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water permeable brick

Update Time:2014-11-17 10:26:28


Rain infiltration rainwater utilization is an effective method to make up for the groundwater and hardening the ground is overmuch, owing to increase in the national construction of rain unable to return to the ground, need special products makes the rain infiltration, ground water, protect the ecological environment.
Long Kang permeable brick
Permeable brick
By a variety of minerals and some non-biodegradable industrial waste fire, adopt international advanced technology, make after molding brick retaining a lot of space, the characteristics of the formation permeability permeable, ensure that the growth of the roots of the plant is in a good environment.Because permeability good, road pavement in this brick, even in the rainy day, the square and roads will not water, visitors won't be so wet shoes, and precious rainwater seeping into underground moist land, saving water resources.It is worth noting that due to the environmental protection on the surface of porous permeable brick, make it have the most natural, have good sound-absorbing noise reduction function, especially suitable for use in the hustle and bustle of city.
Compared with other traditional pavement materials, environmental protection permeable brick has the advantages of strength, abrasion resistance, bending, and its overall dimensions, the same as the ordinary square brick laid method, etc.In addition, the environmental protection of the permeable brick is very rich in color, can build a variety of patterns.Permeable brick of the main specifications: 20 * 10 * 6 mm, 23 * 11.5 * 6 mm