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Silica sand filter

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The Silica sand filter



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the silica sand filter_副本.jpg


Quartz sand filter, it USES quartz sand as filter medium, under certain pressure, the high turbidity water by a certain thickness of granular or the grain of the quartz sand filter, effectively intercept to remove the suspended solids in the water, organic matter, colloid particles, microorganism, chlorine, smelling and some heavy metal ions, etc., to reduce water turbidity, water quality purification effect of a high efficiency filtration equipment.Quartz sand filter in general as the pretreatment of reverse osmosis and ultrafiltration equipment, mainly of silt, colloid, metal ions and organic matter to intercept, adsorption.Commonly used with quartz sand, activated carbon, anthracite coal, manganese ore, etc.Widely applied to agricultural irrigation, chemical industry, petroleum, metallurgy, mining and other industries.

The scope of use
Quartz sand filter operation can achieve automatic control, high filtration efficiency, small resistance, processing flow, fewer recoil.Widely used in pure water, food, drinking water, mineral water and electronics, printing and dyeing, paper making, chemical industry, water quality of pretreatment and filtering after secondary treatment of industrial wastewater.Also used for water reuse system filtering, the depth of the swimming pool circulating water treatment system.For suspended solids in the industrial waste water also has a good removal efficiency.
1. It is mainly used for water treatment in addition to the turbidity, demineralized water, electrodialysis, reverse osmosis pretreatment before order, also can be used in surface water, groundwater, etc.Can effectively remove the suspended solids in the water, organic matter, colloid, sediment, etc.
2. Can be widely used in electronic power, oil chemical industry, metallurgy, electroplating, papermaking, textile, pharmaceutical dialysis factory, food and beverage, drinking water, water, swimming pool, etc.To meet the needs of the various industries liquid filtration.

The characteristics
1. Compact structure: the equipment is set the coagulation reaction, filtration and cleaning.Simplifying the technology of water treatment process, cover an area of an area small, simple structure, easy installation and flexible operation.The energy consumption of raw water treatment process more links and artificial management fees, reduce the operation difficulty.
2. The obvious effects of coagulation reaction: application, reaction mechanism and the subsidence mechanism of coagulation, effectively remove the suspended solids in the water and colloidal substances, conducive to further down in the sand filter Zhi water turbidity.
3. Continuous self-cleaning filter: filter medium automatic cycle, continuous washing, reverse flushing without stopping.
4. Reduce the raw water of suspended solids (SS) content: cooperate with micro flocculation device, the highest water SS mg/L or less of a variety of industrial water, urban sewage and industrial water as the water, or higher removal rate of 90%, to achieve perfect filtering effect.
5. Selected material, long service life.


The function and application
Quartz sand filter is a filter using quartz sand as fillers.To remove the impurities in the water.And its filtration resistance small, specific surface area is big, strong acid and alkali, as well as good stain resistance, the unique advantages of quartz sand filter is by optimizing the design of the filter material and filter, realize the adaptive filter, filter material on the raw water concentration, operating conditions, such as pre treatment process has a strong adaptability, namely on the filter bed automatically formed under the thin dense state, to ensure water quality under various operating conditions, backwashing filter material fully spread out, cleaning effect is good.Sand filter can effectively remove the suspended solids in the water, and the colloid in the water, iron, manganese, pesticides, organic matter, bacteria, viruses and other pollutants have obvious removal effect.With filtering speed, high filtration precision, large capacity of sewage, etc.Is mainly used in electric power, electronics, beverages, water, oil, chemical, metallurgical, textile, papermaking, food, swimming pool, municipal engineering, etc. Various kinds of process water and domestic water, water circulation and the depth of the wastewater treatment field.In the use of filter filling of refined quartz sand filter material, when water from top to bottom through the filter layer, the suspended solids in the water and gluten particles has been removed, thus reduce the turbidity of water.


Mainly used for water treatment in addition to the turbidity, demineralized water, electrodialysis, reverse osmosis pretreatment before order, also can be used in surface water, groundwater, etc.Can effectively remove the suspended solids in the water, organic matter, colloid, sediment, etc.

Technical parameters
A. work principle
1. Efficient continuous operation of the filter can be divided into raw water filter and filter material clean regeneration process of two relatively independent and at the same time.Both in different locations in the same filter is completed, the former power, relying on high head or the ascension of the pump, while the latter by compressed air.
2. The quartz sand filter is to use one or several of filter medium, room temperature operation, acid and alkali resistance, oxidation, PH scope of 2-13.System configuration perfect protection and monitoring instrument, and has the function of backwash, dirt and other contaminants quickly washed away, less water consumption, according to user requirements can be set up automatic function.Under certain pressure, make concentrate through the medium of contact flocculation, adsorption, intercept, remove impurities, so as to achieve the purpose of the filter.Inside of packing is commonly: quartz sand, anthracite, porous ceramic particles, manganese sand, etc., the user can choose to use according to actual situation.The filter accuracy between 0.005 to 0.01 m, which can effectively remove colloid particles and macromolecular organic compounds.
3. The activated carbon filter is mainly used for adsorption free chlorine in water adsorption eed (99%), organic matter and colority of also has a high removal rate.Is softened, the pretreatment of the desalination system for pure water production equipment.Filter material for activated carbon.Equipment main material for carbon steel corrosion, glass fiber reinforced plastic and stainless steel, etc.
B. the parameter list
Specifications flow (m3 / h) filter speed
(m/h) (m/h) filter backwash strength height (mm) quartz sand
Material usage (T)
LK - SYSL - 600 Φ 600 x 2170 2 ~ 3 8 ~ 10 36 1500 0.56 Q235 carbon steel, stainless steel, FRP (304/316)
LK - SYSL - 800 Φ 800 x 2270 4 ~ 5 8 ~ 10 36 1500 1.08
LK - SYSL - 1000 Φ 1000 x 2450 6 ~ 8 8 ~ 10 36 1500 1.69
LK - SYSL - 1200 Φ 1200 x 2570 10 ~ 12 8 ~ 10 36 1500 2.34
LK - SYSL - 1500 Φ 1500 x 2700 12 ~ 16 8 ~ 10 36 1500 3.51
LK - SYSL - 1600 Φ 1600 x 3200 16 ~ 20 8 ~ 10 36, 1500
LK - SYSL - 1800 Φ 1800 x 3360 20 ~ 25 8 ~ 10 36 1500 5.2
LK - SYSL - 2000 Φ 2000 x 3450 25 ~ 32 8 ~ 10 36 1500 6.2
LK - SYSL - 2200 Φ 2200 x 3560 32 ~ 38 8 ~ 10 36 1500 7.5
LK - SYSL - 2400 Φ 2400 x 3750 38 ~ 45 8 ~ 10 36 1500 9.3
LK - SYSL 45 ~ 50-2500 Φ 2600 x 3860 8 ~ 10 36, 1500