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Well water treatment is mainly for the sake of removing iron and manganese and ammonia nitrogen, harmful material such as sand, scale, and make the processed water quality meet the national drinking water standards.Groundwater, well water treatment at present is mainly in addition to iron and manganese, because in our country, high groundwater Fe Mn content is quite common, far more than drinking water standard (Fe acuities were 0.3 mg/l, Mn 1 mg/l) or less, in addition to iron and manganese mainly adopts aeration filter, filter filter medium usually use quartz sand and manganese sand, later after precision filter to filter, activated carbon, and after treatment, water quality can basically meet the national drinking water standards.In addition to the above to remove excess water minerals, often on well water turbidity purification, the physical filtering is better, primary filter can be used sand cylinder, intermediate filter can choose PP cotton core and ceramic core, deeper level of filter can choose hollow ultrafiltration, precision can reach 0.01 UM, can filter out bacteria and viruses.

Filter in addition to iron and manganese is mainly suitable for Gao Tiegao manganese in groundwater, in addition to iron and manganese industrial softened water, in addition to the brine pretreatment of the equipment.This equipment adopts the aeration oxidation, manganese sand catalysis, adsorption and filtration of iron and manganese removal principle, using aeration device will dissolve in the water, oxygen in the air and water Fe 2 + and Mn 2 + oxidized to Fe3 + and MnO2 insoluble in water, coupled with the catalysis of natural manganese sand, the water adsorption, filtering Fe Mn ions removal.Iron and manganese oxidation reaction is as follows: iron oxide: air: 4 fe2 + o2 + 6 h2o + 3 = 4 fe (OH) 3 manganese sand MnOMn2O7 + 4 fe2 + + o2 + 6 h 2 o 2 + 4 = 3 mno2 fe (OH) 3;Manganese oxide: Mn2 + + O2 = MnO2, manganese sand Mn2 + + MnO2, H2O = MnO2, MnOH2O + 2 h +

Range of application
Mainly for the food, beverage, paper making, brewing, the processing of excess iron water, ground water and well water as a drinking water in addition to iron, geothermal engineering and swimming pool circulating water needs.

The working principle 
Iron (mn) in groundwater after air flushing or oxidizing agent, water fe (mn) ion oxidation, when the water flow by manganese sand filter layer, the filter layer of contact oxidation and biological filter material surface chemistry and physical adsorption entrapped, make water fe (mn) ion precipitation to remove.Especially when dealing with the process of manganese content in the micro pollution of groundwater, not only can effectively remove the iron and manganese, iron bacteria and ammonia water as nutrition, metabolism, in other bacteria, at the same time to reach to the effect of ammonia nitrogen.Interception of using multiple medium filter material, filtering effect, removal of large particle size of impurity particles, colloidal and suspended solids, and has low cost, convenient operation and maintenance and management, etc.Common using quartz sand, anthracite lu: liao, manganese sand, AFM, activated carbon, etc., high filtering speed, cutting carrying capacity is big, filtering cycle is long, more than glass fiber, carbon steel, stainless steel material of tank, can match multiple valve or electric, pneumatic, hydraulic valve with PLC control, respectively, applicable to small and medium flow and large flow conditions, which can realize both automatic and manual control.The highest filtering precision can reach 5 microns.

Product features
1. The unique filter chamber structure, which can realize the online backwash (filter, sewage, and backwashing simultaneously).
2. Energy saving, water supply pipe network directly, no need of setting up the secondary water supply system;Has its own function of backwash, do not need another set back flush water pump.
3. The water saving: the equipment adopts "quincunx cloth water", shorten the distance of the filter layer and the water distributor, can save a lot of backwash water.

Technological standard and process
Technology standard
Feed water, groundwater, Wells.
Water quality: water, no colour, smell, achieve water standard.
System configuration: well self-priming pump, aeration device, sedimentation tank, raw water booster pump, in addition to iron and manganese, activated carbon filters, net sink.
System water production rate: 95%.


Can be customized according to customer's requirements

The process flow
Well water aeration device after self-priming pump pressurized into the aeration device, it basically is to make the well water contact with sufficient oxygen in the air;Using oxidation method to the water at a low price and low manganese iron ions into high iron and high manganese oxide ion and rapid precipitation process.Tank after exposure to oxygen, the well water reaches the settling basin precipitation.(it mainly ACTS as a buffer, let water have enough time to precipitate) precipitation after booster pump pressurized water into the system, in addition to iron and manganese is mainly to remove water sediment, rust, manganese, red worm, algae, and some solid materials such as metals, all kinds of suspended solids, system to its normal condition is as follows: operating pressure is 0.3 Mpa, the average filtering speed of 15 m/hr
1. The local concentration of iron in water in 5 ~ 10 mg/l, containing manganese concentration in 1 ~ 2 mg/l, or groundwater iron not only contains manganese, iron concentration at around 10 mg/l, can use aeration, single-stage filter in addition to iron and manganese.Process: the groundwater - and deep well aeration device - water tank to filter pump, iron and manganese removal equipment to reservoir, water unit.
2. If the groundwater with high iron, manganese, iron is more than 10 mg/l, manganese is greater than 2 mg/l, appropriate USES aeration - double iron and manganese removal filter.
Process: from groundwater and deep well aeration device to tank, filter pump - level of iron and manganese removal equipment - secondary iron and manganese removal equipment to reservoir, water unit

Iron manganese water quality characteristics
Excess iron well water features
1. Clear well water in the pool a few hours to 1 days into a light yellow.
2. A few days after the bottom sediment of the yellow clay, iron wall dyed yellow.
3. Bring to a boil water into light yellow, iron, the higher the deeper the yellow.
4. The water floating oil film.
5. Just pumping Wells have obvious smell of iron.

Excessive manganese content in the well water features
1. Manganese dyeing ability is weak, at the same time the iron them when they can't see the dyeing effect of manganese.
2. Separate manganese overweight when the wall and water in the ground and will have to take off the black color layer phenomenon.
3. Washing clothing to a dark.

Technical parameters
1. The treatment effect:
(1). Iron content: 0.3 mg/L or less;
(2). The manganese content: 0.1 mg/L or less;
(3). The water turbidity: < 3 ftu.
2. Water requirements:
(1). Iron content: 20 mg/L or less;
(2). Manganese content: 3 mg/L or less;
(3). The water turbidity: < 20 ftu;
(4). Basicity: 2 mg/L or less;
(5). The pH: > 6.0 (iron), > 7.5 (with the exception of manganese).
3. The work environment parameters
(1). Working temperature: 5-60 ℃ (special temperature can be customized);
(2). Working pressure: 0.6 MPa or less.
4. Operation parameters v
(1). Work style: pressure type;
(2). Operation mode: flow from top to bottom, series (high manganese iron content) or parallel;
(3). Filtration velocity: 6-10 m/h (iron), 5-8 m/h (except manganese);
(4). Run cycle: depending on the raw water quality, the lowest not less than 8 hours;
5. Backwashing method: water, or air water backwashing;
6. Backwashing time: 10-15 min.
7. Backwashing water: 1-3%;