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Well water defluorination

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Well water treatment is mainly for the sake of removing iron and manganese and ammonia nitrogen, harmful material such as sand, scale, and make the processed water quality meet the national drinking water standards.Groundwater, well water treatment at present is mainly in addition to iron and manganese, because in our country, high groundwater Fe Mn content is quite common, far more than drinking water standard (Fe acuities were 0.3 mg/l, Mn 1 mg/l) or less, in addition to iron and manganese mainly adopts aeration filter, filter filter medium usually use quartz sand and manganese sand, later after precision filter to filter, activated carbon, and after treatment, water quality can basically meet the national drinking water standards.In addition to the above to remove excess water minerals, often on well water turbidity purification, the physical filtering is better, primary filter can be used sand cylinder, intermediate filter can choose PP cotton core and ceramic core, deeper level of filter can choose hollow ultrafiltration, precision can reach 0.01 UM, can filter out bacteria and viruses.


On fluorine equipment adopt multi-function fluoride removal filter material can effectively remove fluorine ions in water, to the drinking water standard, at the same time for the other harmful ions in the water, such as iron, manganese, heavy metal, ammonia nitrogen, removal of turbidity also to have certain effect, and not to exceed bid from, filter material can be regenerated repeatedly, life for 30 years.Multi-function fluoride in filter material, non-metallic host material and imported high quality materials, silicate by certain high temperature physical activation and chemical compound, its remarkable characteristic is high porosity, large specific surface area, ion exchange, adsorption, catalysis, acid resistance, heat resistance, radiation resistance and other excellent performance.

Equipment application
Fluoride in equipment generally applied to groundwater (Wells) excess fluoride, fluoride is necessary trace elements in human body, the water fluoride between 1.0 ~ 1.5 mg/L, long-term consumption of mild adverse effects to the human body;Fluoride in water more than 1.5 mg/L, the long-term drinking was susceptible to fluorine spot tooth and skeletal fluorosis, therefore the content of fluoride in drinking water should not be more than 1.0 mg/L, under special circumstances shall not be more than 1.5 mg/L.Fluoride in process in addition to the activated alumina adsorption, coagulation precipitation and electrodialysis method, and reverse osmosis, electrocoagulation method, bone carbon method, etc.According to the survey, the groundwater, in deep well water treatment engineering application more fluoride in process is activated alumina adsorption method, used in water supply engineering is more reverse osmosis and electrodialysis method.
Can be customized according to customer's requirements

In addition to the fluorine equipment principle of work
Fluoride in filter material after aluminum ion adsorption in the surface and pore formation of hydroxyl complexation ion, the fluorine ion in the water F - with multi-function fluoride in filter material OH - ion exchange, achieve the goal of fluoride, removal rate > 95%, the total equation is as follows:
NF - + F.F AInOH - = F.F AlnF, + nOH,
F.F composite molecular sieve structure: multi-function fluoride in filter material is a kind of frame structure of hydrous aluminum silicate minerals, mainly contain Na, Ca, and a handful of Sr, Ba, K, Mg and other metals.F.F chemical composition, usually expressed in the following type:
(Na, K) x (Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba) y {Al Si (x + 2 y) [n - (x + y) 2] O2n} • mH2O
Shorthand MxDy - R.Price: 1 M for cationic Na, K;On behalf of the 2 D valence cations Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba;R is for zeolite framework {Al Si (x + 2 y) [n - (x + y) 2] O2n} • mH2O.
Multi-function fluoride in general by the structure of filter material 3 d silicon (aluminum) of lattice oxygen, is the basic unit of silicon centered and four oxygen ions are arranged around the silicon oxygen tetrahedron [Si] m1.
If the silicon in the silicon oxygen tetrahedron is aluminum ion replacement, alumina tetrahedron is formed.Aluminum is + 3 valence, such alumina tetrahedral four apex Angle of oxygen ions in 1 is not neutral, negative heavy appear.In order to neutralize its electrical, corresponding metal cation to join.Silicon oxygen tetrahedron and alumina tetrahedron connected to each other through their horns, constitute the various shapes of 3 d silicon (aluminum) oxygen trellis structure, namely multi-function fluoride in filter material structure.Due to silicon oxygen tetrahedron (aluminum) connection mode of diversity in the multi-function fluoride in filter material structure formed many cavity and channel.
Multi-function fluoride in the internal cavity filter material structure and the channel are usually filled by water molecules, in particular temperature and removal, after removing the left cavity and channel, becomes like a sponge or foam structure, adsorption properties [4].
To balance the multi-function fluoride in charge in the filter material structure to enter the multi-function fluoride in filter material crystal structure of the alkali metal or alkaline earth metal ions, can replace by other ions.As a multifunctional fluoride in filter material is one of the main components of alumina, the hydrolysis and aluminium salts are similar, aluminum salt water solution and colloidal properties of positively charged, the strong adsorption electronegativity of fluorine ion provides a theoretical basis.Multi-function fluoride in filter material after certain high temperature modification and chemical activation, choice of fluorine ions with high exchange performance.Multi-function after fluoride fluoride absorption filter material available desorption agent regeneration, repeated use.
In addition to fluorine equipment operation characteristics
1.Within 8.0 1. The raw water PH value, do not need to adjust PH.
2. With better stability.Activated alumina after fluoride materials for the first time since the regeneration, fluoride in both energy declined, with the increase of production cycle, falling speed is accelerated;Multi-function fluoride in filter material in the top ten several production cycle, every regeneration and energy increase time, until a stable.
3. The effluent water quality is good.Activated alumina, etc can only fluoride and cannot be fully improve water quality;Multi-function fluoride in filter material can improve water quality in an all-round way.Activated alumina has aluminum ion water increase even overweight problem, multi-function fluoride in filter material does not exist the problem.Aluminum ions can make the person of premature heart head blood-vessel sclerosis, cause a stroke, hemiplegia, brain dementia, etc.
4. Strong anti-interference.Activated alumina, hydroxy calcium phosphate, etc. In case of iron, manganese and high hardness of water quality, the particle size will soon become smaller, the color yellow, function is difficult to recover after regeneration, even two or three cycles or failure.Multi-function fluoride in basic is not affected by the interference of poor water quality, filter material and can remove interfering substances together.
5. Easy operation and management.Management is difficult for activated alumina, lane is bad to harden the failure;Multi-function fluoride in filter material not harden problems, even put aside a few years no, before use clean again, back to the original adsorption capacity.

In addition to fluoride fluorine filter mechanism
In order to characterize the chemical reaction process and simplify discussion, several conditions [5] assumption:
1) aluminum K K + in the solution can be completely and MxDy exchange;
2) aluminium potassium sulfate in the solution of Al3 + is one of the largest level in the degree of hydrolysis conditions (K = 1 x 10-5) hydrolysis, namely Al3 + + H2O Al (OH) 2 + + H +;
3) with (MxDy) + MxDy on the number of total charge.
In the multi-function fluoride in filter material after the special physical and chemical modification, activation by potassium aluminium sulfate solution, by positive charge in the multi-function fluoride in filter material to maintain (MxDy) + by K + exchange at the same time with strong polarity of aluminum hydroxy complex Al (OH) 2 + rich in positive charge, the K + in the course of exchange charge transfer function as a special kind of hydrated cation, the multi-function fluoride in filter material surface adsorption, and SO42 - / aluminum hydroxy complex coordination, to maintain power balance.
Reaction process is expressed as:
MxDy - R + Al3 +, K + + + + H2O SO42 - - R - K, Al (OH) 2 SO4 + + + H + (MxDy)
When the multi-function fluoride in liao, when in contact with fluoride raw water strong electronegativity of F - will replace SO42 -, and fluoride in water MxDy into multifunction fluoride in channel of filter material, and multi-functional fluoride in liao K + in the channel to a certain degree of exchange.Reaction is expressed as:
R - K, Al (OH) 2 SO4 + f (MxDy) - + + - > MxDy - r. Al (OH) F2 + +, K +, SO42 -
The regeneration process of fluoride in device
Multi-function saturated absorption of fluoride in filter material regeneration with potassium aluminium sulfate solution.As the multifunctional fluoride in filter material is permeated the potassium aluminium sulfate solution, chemical equilibrium are destroyed, fluorine was attracted by high concentrations of positively charged aluminum hydroxy complex, expelled with potassium aluminium sulfate solution, and the K + in the aluminium potassium sulfate with (MxDy) + occur again and enter the fluoride in filter material in the hole.Excess aluminum and hydroxy complex with K + in the exchange process to carry on the charge transfer effect, the multi-function fluoride in filter material surface adsorption, reaction is expressed as:
MxDy - r. Al (OH) F2 + K + + SO42 - + H2O - R - K, Al (OH) 2 SO4 + (MxDy) + Al (OH) F2 + H +

In addition to fluorine equipment exchange can choose
1. Exchange tank (column) thickness length, but the fine and high water evenly, high regeneration rate.
2. Exchange tank (column) for the next into the water out of the water, the water distribution device to uniform water distribution, cloth under the water with coarse gravel cushion layer, covered with 30 30-80 - mm gravel 50 mm, exchange column packing, after washing expansion space for 400 mm above.
3. The regeneration to ensure uninterrupted water supply, the design should be at least two exchange column.When dealing with water, exchange column number is larger than a single exchange column is more reasonable.
4. Rinse under water, water volume increased by 100%, can be in again before, 10 minutes at a time.
5. Groundwater fluoride in equipment of elution and regeneration, when fluoride in filter material saturated adsorption, began to regenerate.When will be a certain concentration of regenerative liquid (alum or sodium hydroxide, large grain of salt, etc.) through the regeneration system in exchange column.
Long Kang water treatment equipment company can according to user's actual water quality, to provide you with safe, stable, efficient, environmental protection of groundwater, well water fluoride in equipment.