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Well water treatment is mainly for the sake of removing iron and manganese and ammonia nitrogen, harmful material such as sand, scale, and make the processed water quality meet the national drinking water standards.Groundwater, well water treatment at present is mainly in addition to iron and manganese, because in our country, high groundwater Fe Mn content is quite common, far more than drinking water standard (Fe acuities were 0.3 mg/l, Mn 1 mg/l) or less, in addition to iron and manganese mainly adopts aeration filter, filter filter medium usually use quartz sand and manganese sand, later after precision filter to filter, activated carbon, and after treatment, water quality can basically meet the national drinking water standards.In addition to the above to remove excess water minerals, often on well water turbidity purification, the physical filtering is better, primary filter can be used sand cylinder, intermediate filter can choose PP cotton core and ceramic core, deeper level of filter can choose hollow ultrafiltration, precision can reach 0.01 UM, can filter out bacteria and viruses.

Water filtration equipment introduction
Long Kang groundwater filtering processing equipment production company, deep well water purification filtering equipment can remove the suspended solids in the water, such as sediment, protozoa, bacteria, etc.Deep well water purification filtering equipment can remove the colloidal substances in the water, colloid is a composite of many molecules and ions, including no colloid like iron, aluminum compound;Substances dissolved in water: all kinds of salt compound ion and gas;Water hardness, usually the calcium and magnesium ion concentration of total hardness of water.

The principle of water filtration equipment
Groundwater are widespread the phenomenon of high hardness, straight mining groundwater used to boil water, water to boil, easy to leave white scale in the bottom of a pot, is as a result of too much calcium and magnesium ions. Water heating part of the water evaporated, bad was dissolved calcium sulphate (CaSo4, gypsum is the containing water of crystallization of calcium sulfate) settle.Originally dissolved calcium bicarbonate (Ca (HCo3) 2) and magnesium bicarbonate (Mg (HCo3) 2), decomposition in the boiling water, release carbon dioxide (Co2), become difficult to dissolve calcium carbonate and magnesium carbonate (CaCo3) (MgCo3) (they are the main components of the limestone, dolomite) are settling down.Experiments prove that the long-term drinking hard or too soft water are adverse to human body health.Our provision: the hardness of drinking water shall not be more than 25 degrees (the more calcium and magnesium ions, the higher the degree).Soft water treatment is to point to will the water hardness (mainly refers to the water calcium and magnesium ions) to remove or reduce a certain amount of water.Water hardness is mainly formed by calcium, magnesium and sodium ion exchange softening is the principle of the said raw water by sodium type cation exchange resin, make the hardness in the water composition Ca2 +, magnesium 2 + and Na + in the resin exchange, and adsorption Ca2 +, magnesium 2 + in the water, the water softening.Resin's saturated salt would want dedicated demineralized water industry regeneration, make its recovery.
Hard water transformation of demineralized water chemical equation:
Calcium removal:
CaCO3 + 2 nacl = CaCl2 + Na2CO3
Magnesium removal:
MgCO3 + 2 nacl = MgCl2 + Na2CO3

Cyclone bed cleaning device
Cyclone desander, cyclone desander is according to the fluid of the solid particles in the desander when rotating sieve made of the principle.In filtered device combination two line of new separation device, when the water under a certain pressure from the desander inlet tangential after entering equipment, have strong adaptive movement, because sand descaling instrument water density is different, the centrifugal force, sexual psychology, flow automatic filter under the joint effect of drag force, is the low density of water, has a discharge outlet, dense sand bottom discharge of equipment, along the water buoyancy of individual particles together in a secondary filter device, so as to achieve the aim of the what.Thorn desander is currently the most advanced desander, in addition to the high sand ratio, save installation space, the rate of leakage of individual particles, stable working status, etc.
Working principle:
According to the principle of centrifugal sedimentation and density difference, as the water under a certain pressure from the desander import to tangential into the equipment, can produce severe swirl, dense sand sinking to the bottom, is being exhausted from port at the bottom of the desilting;Density of small water upward at the exit of the stainless steel mesh secondary filter, so as to achieve the aim of sand.

Technical parameters:
Raw water turbidity 300 degrees or less
Head loss 2 mm or less
The water turbidity 10 degrees or less
Feed water pressure of 0.2 ~ 0.25 Mpa
Material: low carbon steel
In addition to sand diameter of 0.1 mm or less

Product features
Simple structure, low cost, easy to install and operate, opportunities do not need to maintain.
And expanding tube, desanding equipment such as buffer tank, compared with small size, large capacity, save the space
Application: apply to the river water, well water sand, coal washing, industrial concentration, solid-liquid separation of fully automatic water softener, degassing of liquid and the miscibility of liquid separation.
Areas of application: can be used in air conditioning water treatment, chemical, oil, mining, pharmaceutical, textile and many other industries.