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Sand based filter cylinder

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Sand based filter cylinder


sand based filter

Swimming pool equipment - sand filter cylinder
Pool sand sand filtration equipment high-speed filter cylinder is made by glass fiber winding molding, corrosion resistance, pressure (2.5 4 kg/cm2, normal working pressure also can provide special requirements work pressure sand cylinder).Apply to the swimming pool, water park and massage the water filter;Industrial water purification, seawater and freshwater aquaculture and so on.
Features: made of glass fiber winding forming, through strengthening processing, compression, anti-corrosive.
* multi-port valve, easy to operate simple
* the unique water distribution device and Siamese form uniform flow, dark ditch drainage system with high efficiency
* easy to install, less maintenance * water turbidity is less than 2 ntu [1].

Performance characteristics
1, scope of application: swimming pools, water park, filtering, pretreatment of drinking water and other water quality purification and circulation system.
2, top mounted the performance characteristics of high-speed sand filter cylinder:
1) excellent quality glass fiber resin molding, high density, uniform thickness, wrapped tightly;
2) with super uv protection and corrosion resistant ability, long service life.
3) compared with the same type of products, has more excellent performance and more heavy fact weight;
4) the maximum working temperature of 50 ℃;
5) water turbidity is less than 2 ntu;
6) test pressure is 1.5 times of working pressure, cycle test 20000 times 

Working principle
Sand filter is using special filter will pool the tiny dirt eliminate.Sand filter was applied to remove contaminants as, by filling in the filter cavity within the body.When the control knob to "FILTER" position, sewage containing suspended particles in water by pump pressure into the FILTER pipe and guided by the control switch to the outlet of the FILTER.The water through the filter, tiny dirt is trap filter to remove sand bed.The filtered water is controlled by the filter at the bottom of the switch by pipeline again returned to the pool.The whole process is automatic, and for the swimming pool filters and the pipeline system provides a complete cycle.
The use of filter after a period of time, accumulated dirt blocking water to make it less.At this time is to clean the filter.