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Ozone mixing tank

Update Time:2014-08-06 19:40:53




Ozone reaction tank, mixing tower, the mixer of ozone, ozone oxidation tower

Our company specializing in the production of ozone mixing tower, ozone reaction tank, ozone mixing tower contact, ozone mixing tower, also known as oxidation tower, ozone sterilizer is commonly used in water treatment system of sterilization equipment, sterilization effect, and bacterial species as well as the quantity and the amount of ozone in water, and the contact time and ozone and water with ozone gas cloth QiTou related, in general, the longer the ozone and water contact, mixed more fully, ozone sterilization effect is good, cloth gas plate, the smaller the porosity, ozone are cut into the smaller the bubble, the bigger area of ozone contact with water, then mixing effect is better, sterilization effect is better.

Now is almost perfect mixing scheme, internationally for Coca-Cola, master kong big drinks companies such as widely used.In the case of ozone equipment is constant, the mixing efficiency are improved greatly.

To ozone and mixing time and water are fully mixed area, this requires that we should have enough hybrid space, generally we ozone mixing time in 5 to 10 minutes, then we will design according to the mixing time and flow rate of ozone mixing tower space, when the space of ozone mixing tower was determined, the general in order to make the ozone and mixed convection of water content, water, in turn, ozone is under, we design the water inlet and the distance into the ozone above 3500 mm, so that ozone and water have fully mixing time and space, the best sterilization effect.

Our company design the ozone mixing tower has 304 general material and 316  stainless steel material, cloth gas plate titanium bar, titanium rods cloth gas porosity in 20 um aperture, ozone can be fully cut into small bubbles, improve the effect of the ozone sterilizer sterilizer.