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ozone generator

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Ozone generator



Ozone generator in wastewater treatment,swimming pool water treatment  



Ozone generator is used for preparing ozone (O3) gas device.Ozone is easy to decompose, could not be saved to the scene for making field use (special circumstances can be stored for a short period of time), so those using ozone to place all needs to use ozone generator.Ozone generator in drinking water, sewage, industrial oxidation, and food processing and preservation, medicine, space sterilization in areas such as widely used.Ozone generator to generate ozone gas can be directly used, can also participate in the reaction through mixing device and liquid mixture.

Ozone generator
Wall-mounted ozone generator:
Wall-mounted ozone generator, air purification, sterilization, disinfection, in addition to mildew odor, odor and other functions.

Tube: 1. The public archives, libraries, hotels, restaurants, beauty salon, places of entertainment, the toilet and the indoor air disinfection purification of enterprises and institutions and family, etc., in files, books, documents, tools and other products have the effect of disinfection.
2. Hospitals, pharmaceutical factories, dressing room, laboratory, operating room, wards, pharmaceutical preparation, surgical instruments, isolation gown, aseptic workshop and other places of disinfection of bacteria.Is drug GMP standard certification, health food factory, hospital, disinfection in addition to bacteria, a good help to purify air.
3. The food and beverage industry: workshop, sterile room, dressing room, warehouse and production equipment, such as disinfection sterilization, HACCP standard production is the general food factory, purify air, sterilization of powerful guarantee.
4. The breeding: indoor chickens, animal feed, such as aseptic inoculation and cultivation deodorization disinfection and sterilization purify air.
5. Warehouses, grain, eggs, Chinese herbal medicine, fruits, vegetables, meat products, aquatic products, such as air disinfection, antisepsis.
6. Other: industries that indoor air need disinfection sterilization, eliminate different geared mildew preservation are available ozone sterilizing machine processing.

The working principle
Divided by the ozone produced by mode, there are three kinds of ozone generator is mainly: high pressure discharge type, ultraviolet irradiation, electrolysis.

High pressure discharge type generator
The ozone generator is the use of a certain frequency of high voltage current manufacturing high voltage electric field, corona to electric field or electric field surrounding molecules to produce electrochemical reaction, which produce ozone.This kind of ozone generator has mature technology, stable operation, long service life, large ozone production (single machine can reach 1 kg/h), and other advantages, so is the most widely used at home and abroad related industry ozone generator.


In the high voltage discharge type ozone generator is divided into the following several types
1. according to the high voltage generator frequency division, power frequency (50 to 60 hz), intermediate frequency (400-1000 hz) and high frequency (> 1000 hz).Generator power frequency and high power consumption because of the large volume shortcomings, has been largely withdraw from the market.Medium and high frequency generator has small volume, low power consumption, ozone production big advantages, is now the most commonly used products.

2. according to the use of raw material gas, oxygen and air type two kinds.Type oxygen is usually by oxygen bomb or oxygen generator to supply oxygen.Air type usually is to use a clean, dry compressed air as raw material.Because ozone is produced by oxygen, compared to 21% of the content of oxygen in the air, so air type generator to generate ozone concentration is relatively low, and bottled or oxygen generator oxygen purity over 90%, so type oxygen generator ozone concentration is higher.

3. divided by the cooling mode, has a water cooling and air cooling.Ozone generator work generates a large amount of heat energy, to cooling, otherwise will be produced due to the high temperature side of ozone decomposition.Water-cooling generator cooling effect is good, stable work, ozone no attenuation, and can work continuously for a long time, but the structure is complex, the cost is a bit high.The air-filled type cooling effect is not ideal, ozone decay is obvious.The overall performance and stable performance of the ozone generator is usually water cooled.Air-cooled generally used only for such small ozone generator ozone output.When choosing generator, should choose as far as possible of the water-cooled type.

4. according to the dielectric materials are classified, common are quartz tube (a) of the glass, ceramic plate, ceramic pipe, glass pipe and enamel, etc. Several types.Use all kinds of dielectric material manufacturing ozone generator are sold on the market, its performance is different, the glass dielectric low cost performance stability is one of the earliest material artificial ozone, but the poor mechanical strength.Ceramic and glass similar but unfavorable processing especially in a large ozone machine use is restricted.Enamel is a new type of dielectric materials, dielectric and electrode, which integrates high mechanical strength, high precision machining accuracy, widely used in large and medium-sized ozone generator, but the manufacturing cost is higher.


The process flow