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Hair collector for swimming pool

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Hair collecting equipment


Hair collector

Hair filter function
Filter is also called hair hair gathered is used to remove the hair in the swimming pool and used for the first time line of the garbage into the water pump and filters.And with water in rivers and hair installed in front of the pump suction filter.Remove the water grass and floater, protect the normal operation of pump.

The technical performance requirements
1. Hair filter lid must set up the exhaust valve, should be set up to observe hole on the filter head hair.
2. The design pressure not less than 1.5 times of working pressure, the test pressure not less than 1.5 times the design pressure.
3. The sum of the perforation area should be not less than 2.0 times of connection pipe cross-sectional area, filtering cylinder hole diameter, appropriate USES 3 ~ 4 mm, such as filter appropriate uses 10 to 15 orders.
4. Hair filter structure should be simple, reliable and flexible loading and unloading, easy unpick and wash, good sealing.
5. Hair should match the in and out of the nozzle size of the filter.

Product selection points
1.) should be preferred to choose the finished hair filter.
2). The hair should choose filter shell corrosion resistant materials, such as plastic, glass reinforced plastics, stainless steel or copper, etc., such as choose cast iron or carbon steel material should be embalmed, lining anticorrosion material must meet health requirements, working pressure should not be less than 0.35 MPa.
3). Hair filter material also should choose corrosion resistant material.

Edit this paragraph installation points
1) should be located in circulating water pump suction pipe, in the direction of flow to the hair must be in strict accordance with the filter installation, must not reverse installation.
2). Hair filter must be installed in the base or on the ground, bear its weight shall not rely on pipes.
3.) after the installation rigor and fortune with the suction pressure experiment.

Execution standard
1). Engineering standards
The sports architectural design specification JGJ265 JGJ31-2003-2003
The swimming pool and water upstream orchestra pit water supply and drainage design regulation CECS14:2002
Specification for design of building water supply and drainage GB50015-2003
2). The related standard drawing 04 s107 "swimming pool accessories installation and equipment selection"
Swimming pool with hair collector