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FRP tank storage tank
Glass fiber reinforced plastic tank standards
FRP tank making, test execution of industry standard of the People's Republic of China the fiber winding reinforced plastic storage tanks (JC/T587-1995).
Type: vertical and horizontal,  For regular and chemical usage .

Manufacturing tank resin can be chosen according to the requirements of using unsaturated polyester resin or epoxy resin, also can use other resin suitable for winding, shall comply with the terms of GB8237 unsaturated polyester resin.
Reinforced material mainly fiberglass roving, fiberglass woven roving, fiberglass chopped strand mat and surface mat.Non-alkali fiberglass roving should comply with the regulations of JC/T277, alkali glass fiber roving should comply with JC/T278, non-alkali fiberglass woven roving should comply with the regulations of JC/T281, glass fiber chopped strand mat and surface blanket should be attached with the resin system compatible infiltration agents.
Glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank

FRP tank  features

Longkon is a professional manufacturer on glass fiber reinforced plastic containers, storage equipment manufacturer, with glass fiber reinforced plastic products production experience for many years, .it's Glass fiber reinforced plastic products has many benefits and out standing futures:
1. light weight, high strength
Glass fiber reinforced plastic proportion is usually 1.8 2.1, it is a quarter of the steel - 1/5, but close to the tensile strength, even more than carbon steel, and the intensity of than can be compared with the advanced alloy steel.Therefore, in the aircraft, rocket, the spacecraft, high pressure vessel, and in other applications, the need to reduce the weight of products have excellent results.Some of the tensile, bending and compression strength of epoxy FRP can reach more than 400 mpa.
2. chemical corrosion resistance, long service life
Glass fiber reinforced plastic has special corrosion performance, in the storage of corrosive medium, glass fiber reinforced plastic shows incomparable superiority by other materials, can be a variety of acid resistance, alkali, salt and organic solvents.
3. inner surface smooth and easy to clean
N = 0.0084 roughness coefficient, good health performance, corrosion resistant microorganisms.If USES the food grade resin as matrix, non-toxic tasteless, to ensure that the storage medium health requirements.
4. good low temperature resistance
It can be used under 80 ℃ low temperature below zero, is suitable for cold areas.
5. good thermal performance
FRP low thermal conductivity, at room temperature is 1.25 ~ 1.67 kJ/(m. h. K), only 1/100 ~ 1/1000, metal is a good thermal insulation material.Under the condition of the instantaneous ultra high temperature, is the ideal thermal protection and ablation resistant material, can protect the spacecraft at above 2000 ℃ under high-speed air flow.
6. design flexibility, performance of tank wall structure
Fiber reinforced materials FRP can change the resin system, or to improve the physical and chemical properties of glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tanks and nonstandard device, so as to adapt to the needs of different media and working conditions.Through the structure layer thickness and winding Angle and wall thickness to adjust the structure and design of the bearing capacity of the tanks, made into different classes or some special properties of glass fiber reinforced plastic storage tank and non-standard equipment, this is isotropic metal materials can't compare with.
7. good in usability
According to the shape of the products, technical requirements, use and quantity to the flexibility to choose the molding process.Technology is simple, can be a molding, economic effect is outstanding, especially for complex shape, not easy to shape the number of product less, more prominent its technological superiority.


FRP container for buried under ground 


Underground water container size

LKCSX-2 2 1210 1950 1400
LKCSX-4 4 1510 2500 1700
LKCSX-6 6 1510 3600 1700
LKCSX-9 9 1810 3800 2000
LKCSX-12 12 2010 4100 2200
LKCSX-16 16 2010 5400 2200
LKCSX-20 20 2410 4800 2600
LKCSX-25 25 2410 5900 2600
LKCSX-30 30 2410 7000 2600
LKCSX-40 40 2815 6800 3000
LKCSX-50 50 2815 8300 3000
LKCSX-75 75 3520 8300 3700
LKCSX-100 100 3520 10900 3700