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FRP Sand Filter Tank ,FRP sand Canister

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FRP Sand Filter Tank

The FRP sand  is tasteless, corrosion resistance, used widly for more than 20 years, ultraviolet resistant, resistant to ozone, unique design form uniform flow, high filtration precision, good effluent quality, maximum precision can meet the water particle diameter < 20 microns.Circulating water treatment system is widely used in factory farms, land of the living transport sewage treatment, the outside water pretreatment prior to breeding work, hotel, the aquatic product market of high density temporarily keep aquarium, aquatic laboratory sustain system, aquatic products processing plant wastewater discharge of sewage disposal work before, sewage treatment follow-up deep purification processing.
 1.FRP tank with PE liner
 Max pressure: 150psi 
 Operating temperature :1°C-49°C 
 2.Cycle test: 100,000 cycles without leakage.
 3.Each tank must pass the water pressure test before its selling.
 OEM service offered.
 Design service offered.
 Buyer Label Offered.
Model(Dia.*Height) Opening
0844(200*1125mm) Top opening 2.5" thread
1018(250*450mm) Top opening 2.5" thread
1035(250*900) Top opening 2.5" thread
1054(250*1370) Top opening 2.5" thread
1252(300*1300) Top opening 2.5" thread
1265(300*1650) Top opening 2.5" thread
1354(330*1370) Top opening 2.5" thread
1465(350*1650) Top opening 2.5" thread
1665(400*1650) Top opening 2.5" or 4" thread
1670(400*1750) Top opening 2.5" or 4" thread
1675(400*1900) Top opening 2.5" or 4" thread
1865(450*1800) Top opening 4" thread
2062(500*1800) Top and bottom opening 4" thread
2072(500*2100) Top and bottom opening 4" thread
2084(500*2400) Top and bottom opening 4" thread
2462(600*1800) Top and bottom opening 4" thread
2472(600*2100) Top and bottom opening 4" thread
2484(600*2400) Top and bottom opening 4" thread
2496(600*2700) Top and bottom opening 4" thread
3062(750*1800) Top and bottom opening 4" thread
3072(750*2100) Top and bottom opening 4" thread
3084(750*2400) Top and bottom opening 4" thread
3096(750*2700) Top and bottom opening 4" thread
3662(900*1800) Top and bottom opening 4" thread
3672(900*2100) Top and bottom opening 4" thread
3684(900*2400) Top and bottom opening 4" thread
3696(900*2700) Top and bottom opening 4" thread
4062(1000*1800) Top and bottom opening 4" thread
4072(1000*2100) Top and bottom opening 4" thread
4084(1000*2400) Top and bottom opening 4" thread
4096(1000*2700) Top and bottom opening 4" thread
4872(1200*2100) Top and bottom opening 6" flange
4884(1200*2400) Top and bottom opening 6" flange
4896(1200*2700) Top and bottom opening 6" flange
6072(1500*2100) Top and bottom opening 6" flange
6084(1500*2400) Top and bottom opening 6" flange
6096(1500*2700) Top and bottom opening 6" flange
7084(1800*2400) Top and bottom opening 6" flange
7096(1800*2700) Top and bottom opening 6" flange
The main principle 
FRP filter Canister is the most effective means of removal of suspended solids from water, the water pumped to make the raw water through the filter medium, by sand filter to remove the suspended solids in the water, so as to achieve the purpose of the water purification.Its role is to further remove have flocculating pollutants in water, it through the interception of filter material, settlement and adsorption, achieve the goal of clean water.