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PE water tank,mini plastic water container

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Main material: imported PE plastic raw materials
Common color: white, orange, blue, green, black
Performance: a one-time molding, both inside and outside is smooth, with good health and ability to resist ultraviolet ray, and the impact of earthquake resistance, not easy ageing, not long algae, easy to clean, rat, termite resistance, easy installation and moving.

PE water tank application:
Is widely used in: PE add pot, add medicine cabinet, soluble salt boxes, tank cleaning, PE kit, soften the medicine cabinet, metering box, dosing barrels, plastic capacity, such as salt barrel PE tank, cabinet, the new specifications and cabinet.
Company's products can be customized according to customer's request, plastic water tank is called PE tank, plastic tanks, plastic water tower, plastic water tank, plastic bucket, plastic pot, acid and alkali storage tank, the hydrogen peroxide tank, outfit alcohol of methanol storage tank, generally referred to as the plastic container.Application in the high-rise building secondary water supply, water storage, water purification equipment, industrial cooling water, chemical products, chemical raw materials, all kinds of oil products, beverage, wine storage, transportation, urban, agricultural, rural roof water storage, the guesthouse, the hotel is an ideal store water container, has the advantages of safe and convenient, no maintenance, be internationally recognized as the ideal type of plastic containers.Other products of the company plastic water tank, add medicine cabinet, soluble salt box, PE food barrel, PE barrels, turnover box, traffic facilities, etc. Have been praised by the consumers.

 Plastic water tank was mainly adopt new special plastic material made from high density polyethylene (HDPE), general HDPE raw material is environmental protection, acid and alkali resistance, high and low temperature properties.Made of HDPE can achieve food-grade plastic water tank.

According to the classification performance
A, ordinary water tank: mainly used to hold water.
Second, acid and alkali resistant type tank: mainly with high temperature liquid, chemicals, strong acid and alkali liquid.
Performance: a forming inside and outside the smooth, good health and ultraviolet resistance, impact resistance, resistance to strong, not easy ageing, not long algae, easy washing, rat, termite resistance, easy installation and moving.General resistance to acid and alkali resistant type tank can hold high temperature liquid, chemicals, strong acid and alkali.Generally resistant to 90 degrees high temperature, the lowest resistant to low temperature when it's minus thirty degrees.After add formula can be high temperature to 110 degrees of above.

PE water tank application



Serial No. Capacity
Grade base DN
Height(mm) Hole DN(mm) Total height(mm) Weight
kg )
wall thickness(mm)、weight(kg)
PL200 0.2   540 750 370 910 4.8 2.1/5.5
PL 300 0.3 A 710 760 450 920 10 2.5/7
PL 500 0.5 A 855 900 450 1100 15 3.5/10
PL 800 0.8 A+ 960 1040 450 1280 20 5/15
PL 1000 1 A+ 1080 1140 450 1400 25 5.9/29
PL 1500 1.5   1200 1250 450 1530 30 5.3/30
PL 2000 2   1330 1420 450 1680 40 4.7/40
PL 3000 3   1490 1600 660 1900 65 7.8/80
PL 5000 5   1840 1870 650 2200 120 8.5/125
PL 8000 8   2260 2060 600 2500 200 10/200
PL 10000 10 A 2240 2490 650 2800 265 13/255
PL 15000 15   2730 2830 650 3300 420 14/390
PL 20000 20 A 2730 3460 650 3850 600 15.2/560
PL 30000 30 A 3130 3900 650 4360 1000 17/940
PL 40000 40   3200 5000 600 5700 1460 20.8/1330
PL 50000 50   3200 6300 600 7000 1720 22.7/1720

PE tank product features
1, the quality of a material tenacity: the modified polyethylene main raw materials, light is tenacious, easy handling, resistance to vibration and impact resistance.
2, good corrosion resistance, for all kinds of acid, alkali and excellent corrosion resistance.
3, clean and beautiful, streamline appearance beautiful dirt not easily, can easily remove dirt.
4, economic and durable: barrel which is no stick it, not easy to break.
5, heat resistant to cold, heat resisting frost resistance, in - 5 ℃ ~ + 85 ℃ can be used.
6, non-toxic, tasteless, meet drinking water standards.
7, specifications, color can be customized according to customer.
PE tank is mainly suitable for high-rise building secondary water supply, water purification equipment form a complete set of water treatment chemical products, chemical raw materials, industrial cooling water of various oil products, beverage store, transport, urban, rural, hotels, guesthouses, roof water storage;Favored by the majority of users!