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Constant pressure vessel for water supply system

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Constant pressure vessel

Buffer tank
Brief introduction:
Constant pressure water vessel:
 Used in closed water circulation system, to keep water volume and pressure balance, avoid frequent filling water .
This device pressure fluctuation range is small, safe, reliable, energy saving, good economic effect.

The working principle 
The air pressure inside the tank set p1, p2, p3, p4 four pressure control point, each pressure point connected to control relay, p1 for minimum working pressure and air pressure tank design for fire pump start-up pressure p2, p3 is voltage stabilizing pump start-up pressure, p4 for voltage stabilizing pump stop pump pressure.When the tank pressure to p4, fire water supply pipe network in high stress state, the regulator pump and fire pump are in stop state, with pressure pipeline leakage or other causes, the tank pressure from p4 to p3, automatically start voltage stabilizing pump to pressure tank filling water, until the tank management reaches p4, voltage regulator pump stop running, so as to ensure the regular of the air pressure inside the tank fire control water storage.If building fires, with the open water fire extinguishing equipment, reduce the air pressure inside the tank water, the pressure declining, when from p4 quickly fell to p2, the alert at the same time, the output signal to the fire control center, automatic start to fire water supply pipe network of water supply, fire pump when the fire pump start-up, voltage regulator pump automatically stop, fire pressurization voltage stabilizing function is complete.
buffer tank parameter final updated.png
buffer tank parameter updated.png
buffer tank parameter final updated.png
Buffer tank is widely used in residential, office, scientific research, business, hotels, hospitals, cinemas and theatres, stadiums and other multi-layer or high-rise residential and public buildings water supply, fire water;Residential quarters, factories, military facilities, production and fire water supply: and because of the water pressure is weak and cannot set the roof water tank and demolition and reconstruction and expansion has been built in monolayer, multilayer, high-rise residential and public buildings and factory production sewage and sewage, fire water supply. Regulated pressure expansion water tank can be used for the heating system, instead of expansion tank roof in the role of fire.
In the role of fire, Its role is to maintain pressure of the system.When the system pressure reaches a certain value, the smaller the fire pump will automatically start, increasing system pressure, when pressure reaches the specified value, the fire pump will stop, buffer tank for the pressure of the system.

The characteristics
Buffer tank can take the place of building roof water tank, water tower and old pressure tank, the main characteristics of the equipment as follows:
(1) an inflatable can keep the long-term use, the user does not need additional set aeration equipment;
(2) it is airtight device of tank, gas water contact, can fully guarantee the water quality is not affected by the outside world pollution;
(3) cover an area of an area small, investment, quick installation, convenient operation management and maintenance;
(4) life saving building roof and fire cistern, is advantageous to the aseismic and buildings is beautiful;
(5) can decrease water, cavitation noise, pipeline resistance and water hammer effect, avoid the phenomenon of water meter idling measurement are not allowed to appear;
(6) flexible, installation position is not subject to height restrictions, easy to reconstruction, expansion and migration;All landowners automatic control easy to use, reliable operation;Today can ensure water and fire hydrant water supply pressure, safe and reliable water supply.
The structure of the product
Buffer tank by tanks, the capsule type rubber diaphragm, pneumatic tube valve, relief valve, in and out of the water pipe, hoisting ring


No negative pressure regulated water supply equipment introduction
No negative pressure regulated water supply equipment is Long Kang water supply and drainage technology CO., LTD. specialized technical personnel in the pressure water supply equipment on the basis of the development, can directly connect with tap water pipe network, and the tap water pipe network does not produce any negative effect of the complete water supply equipment.It can take the place of reservoir, which can direct or indirect water supply, water form a continuous closed relay pressurized water supply mode.To avoid the secondary pressure water supply system of the secondary waste of energy and the secondary pollution, equipment used in production of our company is stainless steel pressure tank, fully guarantee the water from the air, absolutely keep the municipal water quality standards.

Itself make full use of municipal water pressure potential energy difference how many, how much, effectively, and maximize the energy saving effect of the frequency control of motor speed;
Greatly save the infrastructure investment and shorten the construction period.

Product design to solve the two problems of relay pressurized water supply way
1) pump substantially change operation problem.The full frequency conversion control system is designed.Can be better adapted to the water pump in large operation problem.
2) special matching design of buffer tank, water tank, the municipal water supply has very good buffer and peak clipping compensation effect, avoid excessive pumping of municipal water.
Product design fully consider application flexibility, adaptability is strong, can meet different users specific engineering application requirements.
No negative pressure water supply equipment working conditions

Installation conditions: with enough bearing capacity of concrete platform or can guarantee the normal work of the requirements of the flat ground
Power supply: TN - S system, 3 phase 5 lines, 380 v (+ 10%, 15%), 50 hz (+ / - 5%), the grounding resistance less than 4
Environment: indoor installation, 0 to 40 ℃ don't freeze, below 90% RH condensation, non-corrosive, flammable, explosive gas
Below an altitude of 1000 m, 5.9 m/s (0.6 g)

No negative pressure water supply equipment characteristics
1. without having to build cistern, ground (underground) pool of water tank, the clean health, high efficiency, energy saving, section
WFG series no negative pressure water supply equipment economic health, make full use of municipal water pressure potential energy, maximize the energy saving effect of the frequency control of motor speed.The practice proved: using straight association-like no negative pressure water supply equipment can save more than 50% of the construction of water cost, compared with other water supply equipment, electricity can be 20% to 20%.

2. low operating noise
Adopts frequency control of motor speed operation, especially adopts the frequency conversion control system, most of the time, especially at low speed low noise operation condition at night.

3. adopt full sealed with buffer and dynamic compensation of the diaphragm tank, with common no negative pressure water supply equipment currently on the market is more practical significance.And to simplify control system.

4. advanced products, reliable quality, high degree of standardization, high universality
Using standard general control system technical scheme, the product of the key parts and components, such as: motor, water pump bearings, inverter, controller, PLC, and other components used the international and domestic famous brand, also can use in any vendor's corresponding parts, convenient debugging and maintenance.

5. complete functions, high intelligent degree, strong adaptability adopts advanced frequency conversion control technology, soft starting, overload, short circuit, overvoltage, undervoltage, lack of phase, overheating and stalling protection function.In exceptional cases to signal alarm, self-check, fault diagnosis, etc., can also according to the high or low water automatically adjust the water flow.Frequency converter fault automatic (become degraded operation power frequency automatic feed water device), automatic system failure, can also be manual emergency operation, won the maintenance time.

6. personalized design, long service life
If the user need, can be designed in accordance with user needs parameters of equipment and installation form.Can be selected according to the requirements of various communication interface, protocol, which can connect all kinds of man-machine interface, control computer, with all kinds of control network, communication network, is suitable for the special and complicated life constant pressure frequency conversion water supply equipment.