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Stainless steel storage tanks classification 

1. according to the form of classification: can be divided into vertical stainless steel tank, stainless steel horizontal tank;
2. according to use classification: can be divided into the wine class stainless steel cans, food cans, stainless steel pharmaceutical class stainless steel tank, dairy class stainless steel tank, chemical class stainless steel tank, oil tank, stainless steel building materials class stainless steel tank, electricity class stainless steel tank, metallurgy class stainless steel tank;
3. according to the hygienic standards classification: sanitary stainless steel tank, ordinary stainless steel tank;
4. according to the requirements of stress classification: stainless steel pressure vessels, stainless steel pressure vessel.

The function of the stainless steel storage tanks

Stainless steel tanks, stainless steel, stainless steel milk pot, stainless steel reaction tank, stainless steel vacuum tank, stainless steel fermentation tank storage tank structure and performance
Low vessel heat preservation material with high temperature resistance, anti-aging polyurethane foam or use pearl cotton.
Low interface USES the international general standard fast loading chuck type, bladder USES imported 316 l or 304, mirror polishing Ra 0.28 microns or less in surface, the surface primary inferior smooth inferior smooth, mirror, sandblasting, or the cold rolling mill.
Low nozzle: there is level gauge (digital display or glass tube), air breathing, thermometer (digital display or dial), CIP cleaning mouth, sight glasses, explosion-proof lamp, SIP sterilizing mouth, liquid in and out of the mouth and manhole, etc.
Low volume containing 500 l - 30000 l, etc., can also according to the actual needs of customers for the design, manufacture.

Stainless steel tanks overview:
1. food and pharmacy class stainless steel storage tank:
Ingredients of stainless steel tank, stainless steel thick with storage tank, stainless steel thin with storage tank, stainless steel extraction tank, stainless steel reaction tank, stainless steel storage tank, stainless steel mixing tank, stainless steel seed storage tank, stainless steel nitric acid storage tank, stainless steel, glacial acetic acid storage tank, stainless steel carbon disulfide tanks, stainless steel water tower tank.
2. wine producing dairy stainless steel tank:
Liquor stainless steel wine storage tank, stainless steel storage tank, stainless steel storage tank, stainless steel milk (cream), stainless steel beverage storage tank
3. chemical class stainless steel tank:
Stainless steel oil tanks, transport tanks, stainless steel stainless steel cooling tank, stainless steel heat preservation tank, heat storage tank of stainless steel, stainless steel buffer tank, stainless steel outdoor storage tank and the chemical industry at all levels of the stainless steel pressure vessel.

The characteristics of stainless steel storage tanks

1. stainless steel has strong resistance to corrosion, it is not subject to outside air and the water residual chlorine corrosion.Each of the spherical tank before delivery across the super pressure test and inspection, under ordinary conditions of service life can reach more than 100;
2. stainless steel tank sealing;Sealed design thoroughly to eliminate the harmful substances in the air to fly ash and mosquito invasion of tank, to ensure the water quality is not affected by the outside pollution and breeding ground for mosquitoes;
3. scientific design make the tank bottom water precipitation things don't turn up by water, guarantee the domestic water and fire water natural stratification, the 48.5% lower turbidity of water tanks;But water pressure is increased obviously.To improve the performance of the domestic water and fire water facilities;
4. stainless steel pot without often clean;The sediment in the water and only on a regular basis to open the tank bottom drain valve to discharge.Once every three years can use simple equipment to remove scale, greatly reduce the cost of cleaning and avoid human bacterial virus pollution completely.

Air compressor air tank installation process

1.1 gas storage equipment is in place before, must be on the basis of acceptance, must have the center line, based on basic surface must not have defects such as cracks, pits;
1.2 after checked equipment foundation, carries on the line, determine the installation position;
1.3 after positioning, lifting, lifting, give priority to with 5 tons the crane;(according to the weight of the gasholder choose suitable crane)
1.4 air tank to take personal responsibility system, in the process of hoisting by technical pass rigger command, lifting smoothly;
After 1.5 air tank in place, to carry on the line, the end of the line, the equipment out of the foundation, make expansion bolt hole, hole allowed error of 3 mm;(need embedded anchor bolts, need according to the response position embedded anchor bolts in advance, or according to the drawing center distance to reserve, fix the gasholder use secondary grouting type)
1.6 into the expansion bolt, hoisting equipment, equipment in place, tighten the bolt;
1.7 installation air tank pressure gauge, drain valve etc accessory equipment.

The security measures and civilization construction

2.1 workers enter the site must wear safety helmet, wear high-heeled shoes, slippers are strictly prohibited.Winter construction ban on plastic shoes, wear take nail shoes may not be high;
2.2 with high blood pressure, heart disease, anemia, epilepsy, or on the day of the mood is bad, it is forbidden to aerial work, in case of bad weather (6 above) ban on high altitude lifting job;
2.3 with high material, machine to put the stability and flat.Tools, small part into tool bag, no casual place;
2.4 over the ladder, the ladder must be steadier, Angle is appropriate, when it is necessary to have someone escalator, forbid the hand-held electric welding and weights of climbing;
2.5 overweight rope should be solid and reliable, in a command, it is forbidden to high-altitude throwing passing objects;
2.6 the construction site should be equipped with a fire extinguisher, construction personnel understand the fire fighting knowledge;
2.7 the designated persons care, to prevent the loss of goods, machinery.Construction should be lighting at night;
2.8 all construction personnel to obey the command of leadership, strengthen the organization and labor discipline, no drunken, shall not leave without authorization, and earnestly to work;
Note: air tank belongs to the special equipment of pressure vessel, pressure vessel installation process will have to meet the special standard, told in advance for approval rear can be installed to the relevant management units.

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