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The design of the sewage pumping station and general rules

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The design of the sewage pumping station and general rules
Sewage pumping station is mainly composed of stainless steel products sewage pump, self-priming sewage pump, submersible sewage pump, etc, are widely applied to the urban sewage treatment, because of the sewage pipe don't like to water pipes (water), there is no pressure, by sewage own gravity artesian, because the city sewage network management has a wide collection of sewage area, the distance from the sewage treatment plant.It is not possible to pipe buried deep, so you need to set up the pump station, improve water elevation.
Sewage pumping station is an important part of system design, is characterized by continuous flow, water flow is small, but the change is big, the water contaminants.Therefore, when the design collection pool should have enough storage capacity, and should consider the standby pump, and reduce the pollution to the environment, as far as possible when design station to provide better management and maintenance conditions.
The design of the sewage pumping station content mainly includes:
1, the choice of pump;
2, the determination of collection pool volume and the size;
3, the calculation of suction pipe outlet pipe;
4, the layout of pump house;
5, pump room of the architectural form;
6, hoisting equipment selection and layout;
7, the design of the electric equipment and automatic control equipment;
8, pump room construction, electrical and structural design;
9, the determination of construction method.
The sewage pumping station of the general provisions:
1, should be based on the recent sewage quantity, to determine the size of the sewage pumping station, sewage pumping station design flow generally the same as the design of the inlet pipe flow.
2, should be clear sewage pumping station is built in a time or stage construction, it is permanent or semi-permanent, to determine its standards and facilities.And according to the sewage after pumping station ascending out of the water into the river canal or into the plant to the selected sewage pumping station position.
3, in a separate system and drainage system, rain water pump with sewage pump can be built in the different locations in hospital, can also be & within a structure, but the sewage pump, collecting tank and piping should be its own system.
4, pool of sewage pumping station set between the machine and in the same building, collecting basin and machines need waterproof wall between space, do not allow the leakage, practice in accordance with the requirements of structural design specification;Between pools and machine building type set to keep a certain distance, construction to avoid uneven settlement, including collecting basin for more rounded, machine room is square.
Structures are not allowed to groundwater infiltration, 5 and pumping stations should be equipped with higher ground water level 0.5 m of waterproof measures.
6, pay attention to reduce the impact on the surrounding environment, combined with local conditions, make the pump stations and other public buildings and residential house keep a certain distance, pumping stations must be green in the institute, and built around the wall.