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The Formation of PE Manhole

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The composition of the plastic check well
"Long Kang" brand plastic check well by well, wellbore, manhole covers, climbing ladder or protective cover and the inspection shaft parts, is in accordance with the requirements of different use function and combined into a whole.
Inspection Wells wellbore refers to the rising channel connecting hole at the bottom of the part, USES the underground drainage pipe, such as axial hollow wall solid wall pipe, double wall pipe, Hdpe hollow winding;Gym is inspectors artifacts climbing up and down."Long Kang" brand inspection shaft ladder innovation design, an injection molding unit, can be combined freely recycle store, used to check shaft bearing installation.
Check well LIDS, refers to the inspection well head movable parts, used for open or closed wellhead, can use cast iron manhole cover, composite material manhole cover, GangQian concrete manhole cover.Quality conforms to the current "building area with plastic drainage inspection Wells" CJ/T233-2006 requirements.Color is white or grey, inside and outside the wellbore wall should be smooth, flat surface should not have bubbles, cracks, sag, colour and lustre is uneven and decompose the color line.Plastic shaft well in 15 kn static load load without crack, crack under pressure.