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The Application Scope of PE Manhole

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(1) building community (residential and public buildings, factories, etc.), municipal urban and rural areas, industrial park, the old city reconstruction buried plastic drainage pipeline diameter is not within the scope
Greater than 1200 mm, buried depth is not more than 8 m plastic drainage engineering design, construction and maintenance of inspection Wells.
(2) general soil, soft soil ground, seasonal frozen soil and collapsible loess soil under the condition of plastic drainage inspection shaft construction;
(3) the seismic fortification LieDu for 9 degrees and 9 degrees below area.
(4) general lane ground load according to the vehicle gross weight 15 t (5 t) rear wheel pressure;Fire lane ground load according to the total weight of car 30 t (rear wheel pressure 6 t) design.
(5) the underground water level according to the below ground is not higher than 1.0 m design;