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The quality and spefication of PE manhole

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 The quality of the product features
1, in the aspect of research
Solid economic strength by the company as a research and development funding, set up including polymer, mechanical design, mechanical processing, mechanical, automation, application and research in the field of project planning, such as senior technical personnel, a total of 11 research and development team, invested enormous energy and financial resources, after two years of sustained and in-depth development to succeed.
2, in materials research
By many years engaged in polymer research project members to check well materials and well body and parts for short and long term reliability test, through reinforced material, well forming unit structure size optimization, implementation, UPVC material with glass fiber reinforced plastic composite technology, such as effectively improved the inspection shaft well body structural integrity and serviceability.
3, in the aspect of structure design
By the design and research institute of guangzhou municipal construction experts to plastic check well all parts and mechanical calculation and analysis of the whole structure.With reference to the United States ASTMF1759-97 standard, through the bearing capacity under the limit state of bearing capacity of structure components (including buckling instability) calculation, the structure overall instability (slip and buoyancy) calculation and well under normal use limit state structure deformation calculation, validation and optimization of structure of goal.Eventually after a large number of calculation and experimental verification, the existing structure completely satisfies the requirement of engineering security applications.

In the most unfavorable conditions of axial load of plastic inspection Wells calculation value and the suggestion
Mm covering inspection shaft specifications
M depth of axial load
Calculated value KN axial load
Recommended value KN turns the soil
M depth of axial load
Calculated value KN axial load
Recommended value KN
Ф 1000 shrinkage Ф 700 4 21.15 twenty five 34.11 35
Ф 1200 shrinkage Ф 700 4 25.15 25 5 40.57 40
Ф 1500 shrinkage Ф 700 4 31.21 30 50.34 50

4, in terms of experimental verification
Long Kang Ф 1000 shrinkage of composite plastic inspection Wells Ф 700 the main part of all through the bearing experiment, field experiment data in reducing pipe, wellbore, plastic check well both in the axial load of 5 tons, completely beyond the original design standard (see table), cooperating with long-term field application test of embedment inspection Wells, the inspection Wells in various harsh environment under stress, strain capacity and shape dimension stability for continuous dynamic monitoring.Obtain complete and reliable experimental data, the application of science to verify the product reliability.

The well chamber pipe, wellbore performance of axial load
Well sizes diameter shaft load kN well chamber tube diameter kN load requirements
Ф well 15-700-700 straight wall inside and outside surface without cracks, cracks, concave and convex;No size change after discharge load
Ф shrinkage Ф 20 1000 700 700 1000 20
25 Ф shrinkage Ф 1200 700 700 1200 25
Ф shrinkage Ф 700 700 to 30, 1500 30 1500


Reducing tube axial load performance
Reducing tube of a note of the requirements
D (min) D (min) h 'inside and outside surface crack, crack, concave and convex;Dimensional change after an unload load size in bracket is eccentric reducing tube height size
1076, 750, 233 (454) the axial load 20 kn
1264, 750, 367 (716) the axial load of 25 kn
1572, 750, 587 (1145) the axial load 30 kn


System performance requirements shall comply with the provisions of the well
A note of the requirements of the project
Ф 700 straight wall well Ф 1000 shrinkage Ф 700 Ф shrinkage Ф Ф shrinkage Ф 700 1500 700 1200
Load 15 kn 20 kn 25 kn 30 kn, no crack, crack
The vicat softening temperature of 74 ℃ is only applicable to UPVC lining structure
Negative pressure test at room temperature
5 ℃ to 35 ℃ connect underground pipe diameter negative pressure 1 min min without break, fracture
300 D, 1000 - or less or less 0.05 Mpa
Shear connection pipe diameter underground min load kN without break, crack applies only to have a heavy mud room well
300, 400, 4
500 6
600 9
700, 800, 12
900, 1000, 15
Sealing performance and pipeline connection to the radial deformation of 23 ℃ + 2 ℃, pipe deformation and deformation of 5% + 0.05 Mpa water pressure (15 min) applies only to elastic seal leakage interface

5, in the aspect of production equipment and process
And several units by Long Kang company jointly developed the production line of plastic inspection Wells.This production line has several national patents, including invention patent, high technology content, high degree of automation and production efficiency, perfect functions and product quality is stable, have the ability to scale production and service market.Through trial production, constantly groped at present our company has a mature and reliable plastic production technology of inspection Wells, established a perfect production system and complete quality guarantee system.