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The comprehensive property comparisons of PE manhole and traditonal brick manhole

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Traditional brick inspection Wells due to the limitation of the producing method, its caliper specifications are more than 700 mm.Plastic check well changed this convention, under the premise of meet the use function, raise brand plastic caliper minimum of inspection Wells up to 110 mm, therefore in the residential area using the plastic inspection Wells will be more save material, the use of the corresponding cost will be lower.In the later period maintenance, due to the frictional resistance of plastic pipe material is lower than concrete pipe, therefore the pipeline greatly reduced, the amount of mud in the need to use water can meet the demand of maintenance, reduce the artificial excavation dredging, greatly reduces the maintenance cost.After comprehensive calculation of plastic check well life-cycle cost than traditional inspection well is greatly reduced, the specific comparison is shown in table.
The comprehensive performance of plastic check well with brick well comparison table
Project plastic check well the traditional brick well

Can construction conditions is not affected by any climate, environment affected by the climate, such as rain, high temperature, cold plastic inspection shaft construction throughout the day
Construction speed at least 20 / day 1 / day brick well construction is conditioned by the weather
Security is good, without the well dredging, avoid workers gas poisoning every year there are accidents caused by workers under well dredging (methane poisoning) plastic check well dredging method USES the international popular dedicated QingTong tools: self-propelled water gun, etc
Material performance acid proof, corrosion resistance, no corrosion resistant plastic check well the material itself has corrosion resistance
Good sealing, no leakage, leakage, serious leakage, to prevent leakage of rainwater and sewage leakage, leakage, to prevent the secondary pollution of groundwater
Connection flexible connection, settlement of rigid connection, easy to fall off leakage reducing rainwater infiltration sewage charge 592 million yuan/year (by 1%)
Nice drainage capacity (a smooth guide chute) cement mortar paint resistance large plastic inspection Wells blowdown force is three times as many brick Wells, can reduce the design size
Simple maintenance QingTong QingTong, small amount of maintenance is not regular maintenance, QingTong complex, often jams, maintenance of large amount of well up the miscellaneous brick, brick Wells sundry
The service life of 50 years 5 to 10 years new plastic material itself life 50 years or more
Operating area cover an area of an area small covers an area of large plastic well drainage tube is more compact, save the excavation cost.
In the narrow space superiority
According to ten
2 construction number 2 do 10 Wells can save at least 19 artificial
Take several 10 Wells can save at least half a day for 10 days do time 9 days
Direct materials excavated volume reduced excavated volume big well, plastic well performance, the more obvious
Artificial cost (60 yuan/day) artificial cost 60 yuan, 1200 yuan more than 1140 yuan
Integrated low cost high short construction period, a large number of manual saving
Resources and utilization of environmental protection, energy conservation, land, water saving, material saving, recyclable not recycling, environmental pollution, waste of resources using the plastic check well save farmland 15000 mu per year, a year to save coal 750000 tons/year
Trend of development of the national key promotion of new energy conservation environmental protection building materials product bans the use, filling out using the plastic check well accord with national sustainable development of the national policy
Comprehensive evaluation of the plastic flexible, fast and efficient inspection shaft construction craft is simple;Well the traditional brick, prefabricated construction progress slow, poor drainage capacity, high cost, short service life