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Technical principle of FRP Septic Tank

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Glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tanks technology principle
Glass fiber reinforced plastic septic tanks used is made from macromolecule material with high strength glass fiber composite cylinder type integral septic tanks, compared with the traditional brick septic tank, with strict not leakage, weight, easy to transport, high compressive strength, acid and alkali resistant, long service life, fast installation, etc.Pool body upside sets in and out of the water and clear cut hole, the pool with warehouse plate is divided into primary anaerobic tank insulation, secondary anaerobic biochemical tank and clarifier, inside the tank filled with efficient biological anaerobic treatment and membrane packing.
Sewage by pipes into the anaerobic tank, anaerobic precipitation, its technology adopted by the form for the purpose of scientific research colleges and universities through a lot of research is put forward on the basis of an advanced hybrid membrane system, after a certain time to develop, make a lot of microbial adhesion to grow on the surface of the carrier material, the enrichment of natural domestication and mutation, to adapt to the growth of microbes, flowing through the carrier material surface and under the condition of the anaerobic or anoxia of the effective treatment for waste water.Waste water in the tank and COD in waste water clarification pool will translate into harmless inorganic substance, to the secondary emission standards.