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Tank classification

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Water tank according to the material divided into SMC glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank, stainless steel, stainless steel tank, glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank, water glass fiber reinforced plastic water tank, five kinds of enamel water tank.Water tank is equipped with A general HYFI far eastone level electric valve, HYJK type water level automatic monitoring system and HYQX - II tank cleaning system and HYZZ - 2 - type A cistern self-cleaning disinfector, after the overflow from the tank and tank drain valve connection and insect prevention nets, water tank should be two ventilation tube of high and low (insect prevention nets), water tank inside and outside the party;Tank generally have inlet pipe and outlet pipe outlet pipe, fire outlet pipe (life), the overflow pipe, drain pipe.
According to the functional divided into living water tank, fire water tank, production, civil air defense, water tank, household water tower five, toilet flushing cistern in a strict sense and automobile water tank is not belong to the category of water tank.