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How to make good use of the rainwater in the city

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An acute shortage of water at ordinary times, after heavy rains and flooding.Many cities encountered similar problems, exposed the lack of urban rainwater conservation at the design level --
The city how to make good use of the rain
We are very 'hard right now.If like a sponge, can not only absorb moisture, can slowly release water again, when the heavy rain will not appear serious waterlogging, continuous drought not blazing hot and dry."Recently, held in Beijing chaoyang district youth exchange a story" rain ", from hunan chang DE city jiangbei water system comprehensive office project coordinator liu said.
In cities like Beijing, on the one hand, severe water shortages, on the one hand, and often "overrun", how to make good use of rainwater resources, is worthy of city managers thinking about major issues.
Problem: the water flow is not in green space and parks
The lotus bridge is the famous "water bridge" in Beijing, when you meet the heavy rain always have vehicles were flooded.
What hinders the rainwater utilization in Beijing?China association of the old Summer Palace, experts said Yang chunlin to "on-site retain rainwater" need to two conditions, one is to have plenty of green space, the second is the perimeter of the green space than hard "low", and now these two aspects are not doing enough.In the development process of city from eating too much green land depressions, has made all the hard ground surface of rainwater harvesting.Because of a lack of rain led to the depression of the lake channel, caused the lotus bridge park surrounding the lack of water, and whenever the lotus bridge heavy rain flooded the consequences.
According to "Beijing" twelfth five-year "period of water resources protection and utilization planning", the Beijing 2015 underground reservoir will be built in the 2015 years ago, the key to solve the recessed overpass drainage problems.But in the landscape design research institute of Peking University, vice President of li dihua, it seems, may be a better way.
Li dihua said Beijing university research team had done in 2007 in Beijing area water system analysis, the results of the study and planning advice to the planning department in Beijing, one of the important content is the key area of storage and drainage planning."Beijing should play a farmland, urban green space, lake water body, the function of ecological infrastructure, in appropriate area construction is beneficial to the rainwater storage and infiltration of green land, reduce the urban lake impervious blanket shop area, realize the rainwater infiltration, groundwater recharge, the rain flood regulation and other ecological function."
Solution: "source control" of the rain
"Three mountains five gardens walked is Beijing drainage" is an important part of.Now, it contact yuanmingyuan has interrupted the waterway.Walked to the north of wan quan river has run dry, seal the bottom of the river has also been the cement.Walked, and the whole water system, north of Beijing university added almost can only rely on groundwater.
"If they could be on rainwater utilization, through wan quan river let north yuanmingyuan and the drainage of unicom again, will be better than groundwater", liu told reporters, "on July 21, 2012, Beijing of the heavy rain, precipitation is 985 million cubic meters. The rain line almost all gone, outflow of water of miyun reservoir storage capacity now, that's why our city is too" hard ". Land is not completely flat, there will be a few small pit boom, when it rains, water is gathered around to these potholes, slowly infiltration. The land is like a sponge, can absorb a lot of rain."
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