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What is the ultrafiltration membrane filtration technology (uf)

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 What is the ultrafiltration membrane filtration technology (uf) condition is what?

Ultrafiltration (UF) is of filtration membrane, including hydrostatic pressure forced a reverse a semipermeable membrane fluid. Suspended solids and high molecular weight solute interception, and water and low molecular weight solute through membrane.  this separation process used in industrial and research, concentration purification polymer (103-106 big) solutions, especially protein solution. Ultrafiltration nanofiltration is no basic differences, from the reverse osmosis, micro filter, or save the exclusion of its size molecules. Shenyang ultrafiltration water purification equipment, shenyang ultra-pure water equipment, shenyang water treatment

A film, or, more precisely, a semipermeable film which is a thin membrane materials can be separated substance drove across the force. Once thought to be the only feasible technology desalination, membrane process is increasingly used to remove bacteria and other organisms, granular material and natural organic material, may impart color, taste and smell of water and reacts, forming disinfectant disinfection by-products (diastolic blood pressure). Due to the continuous progress in film production costs and module design, capital and management continues to fall. Pressure drive membrane process discuss this is actually microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF) and reverse osmosis) reverse osmosis shenyang ultrafiltration water purification equipment, shenyang ultra-pure water equipment, shenyang water treatment

 pressure ultrafiltration membrane, the main advantages of low compared with the traditional process, the disinfection clarification and  process is

No chemicals needs (coagulant; flocculant, fungicide, pH value adjustment);
Size exclusion filtering, rather than media depth filtration;
Good quality and continuous microbial purify water treatment and calculation, particle,
Process and plant tight, and
Simple automation.

Ultrafiltration (UF) is used to remove dissolved in water pollutants essence and even some of the biggest whole colloid particles) (0.01 to 1.0 microns. Generally speaking, film hole size range from 0.005 to 0.1 microns. Ultrafiltration membrane ultrafiltration membrane, giving each manufacturer classification has specific molecular weight for UF product deadline (mobile world congress) from one eliminates pollutants roughly the size of the measuring. The ultrafiltration membrane means when the water is about 10 million daltons molecular weight standard given compounds with feedback to use-friend unit, almost all the compounds neither through the membrane. Shenyang ultrafiltration water purification equipment, shenyang ultra-pure water equipment, shenyang water treatment

Dalton material molecular weight for 10 million has a diameter size about 0.05 microns, 0.08 microns or so. Ultrafiltration membrane is used in almost all organisms) colloid particles (including most pathogenic must be deleted, but can pass through dissolving solid membrane most problems won't cause downstream or in complete water. Use-friend will erase most water turbidity.


1. What is ultrafiltration membrane?

      A: Ultrafiltration membrane is a fine filtering process, with filter pore from 0.01~ 0.1 micron meters. This will entrap all suspended solid, 99.99% of bacterial & virus from water & waste water. To gain an excellent output quality.


2. What is the type of our UF membrane?

     A: WaterCode have developed MBR,UF, & mixing-air-water Series UF for widely application.


3. Why WaterCode Membrane is better, strong & durable than conventional membrane?

     A: WaterCode have launched PVDF membrane fiber with inner Reinforcement, which cannot be broken by hand, and No fiber broken during operation.Also, the fiber is hydrophic-modificated, to be made in dry-form without any decrease of flow rate.


4. What is the advantage of mixing-air-water UF series?

    Water Code's mixing-air-water UF is a re-designed & updated UF with better performance after our extensive experience in hundreds of application. 

    It's prominent features as the following:

    *Reinforced PVDF fiber, without fiber broken.

    *Running with Air Shaking,pollutant no easy to adhere

    *Anaerobic Reaction,better reduce BOD, COD.

    *Higher Cross-Flow, flushing pollutant out from system.

    *Less limitation for input water.


    *No Pre-filter needed.  Less maintenance, Energy Saving.