About Longcom
Guangzhou Longkon Eco-Tech Limited
Business philosophy:
We take "water, air and environment" as the theme, for human health, rich in the future, with the best technology and perfect service, widely make contribution to society.

Management idea:
Pay attention to the management Pay attention to talent Focus on science and technology cooperation Pay attention to innovation
Enterprise management basic idea:
Saving resource With the person this Pay attention to environmental protection scientific management
Moral philosophy:
Hitoshi - given by righteousness - righteousness through words and deeds Honesty - integrity to conceive wisdom - intelligent and respect - work excellently
Enterprise's core values:
People-oriented, advocating technology, unity cooperation, diligence, sureness, actively explore, create a better.
The interpretation of the core values of the company
With the person this
The root of the enterprise is "people" of the enterprise.No matter how smart means the highest operators, regardless of how want to get success, the future of the enterprise finally grasp the hands of people who work in the enterprise.It is no exaggeration to say: about the fate of the company's employees.Company attaches great importance to staff to give full play to the employment, growth, and performance and work attitude.Company recruitment, training and development only those who agree with high degree of employees with the company culture.The company encourages employees to improve their skills, strengthen the consciousness of crisis.Company to each employee development of equality of opportunity, employees would be able to get the reuse of the company, depends on their ability and their own value.Companies are working hard to provide staff with comfortable working environment, work and life security, so that employees fully into work.
Advocate technology
Our goal is to provide society with high technology, high value-added products, therefore, we focus on technology and can grasp the world within the scope of the industry trend, the active adoption of new technology, new craft to carry on the design and production innovation, efforts to reduce the product cost, improve product quality and production efficiency, companies adopt new technology and the technical ability to improve is built on the basis of personal technology, skills, therefore, as individual staff should be continuous learning new knowledge, master new skills, attention to professional and technical trend, for the company's own contribution to the technological progress.
Solidarity and collaboration
Our business is like a running machine, department and between departments, colleagues and cooperate with each other between colleagues, unified thought, work closely, can make the frequency conversion machine working normally;We advocate team work, do not advocate personal heroism;We advocate communication, team harmony, is not advocated hook heart bucket Angle, I did it my way.
Assiduous sureness
We advocate love job, praised the hard-working, meticulous, work hard in work style;Against soaring ambition, indolence, work is not solid, no input, irresponsible, good do superficial work style;We don't think any work is humble, modest, as long as the people to do the work is outstanding, outstanding;We think on their own efforts, do your best, your job is to bring a sense of accomplishment of the decisive factor, we should get the satisfaction from our own job well done.
Actively explore
To implement Long Kang principle of the operation of the water supply and drainage technology co., LTD., to further strengthen and develop the market at the same time, must actively develop new products to meet the requirements of the market, in order to develop the Chinese domestic market, enhance profitability, the company continue to grow stronger;In the company's ability to develop at the end of the day is working in a company's employee development ability.In other words, the company will be able to do big, do strong, depending on the employee's enthusiasm and pioneering.Employees should fully understand the company's operating guidelines, and actively play their own subjective initiative and potential, the development of new products for the company, enhance market competitiveness for the company, play their proper role.
Create a better
Create beautiful has the meaning of three levels: the society level, company level and staff level.Social aspects: the company to human health and the rich in the future, to provide high quality and high value-added products as the means, business activities, efforts to make the social life and the environment become more comfortable.The corporate level, through the joint efforts of all staff, constantly improve the company's market competitiveness and profitability, make the company can continue to grow.Staff level: on the premise of company development, gradually improve the quality of life of employees and their families, to make staff work more meaningful.
Market consciousness, enterprise internal any department should be close to the market and operation, understand the demand, flexible response and fast response.
Consciousness - enterprise resource allocation efficiency, material utilization and management should reflect the principle of reasonable and efficient way, men and material.
Service consciousness, service is everywhere, in the company internal operation of the whole process, the process of service object is next working procedure, service object is the staff of administrators.Outside the company, the company's service object is all users and potential users.Service is the real product for us, in the shortest time, maximum limit satisfy the needs of the users is our basic belief.
Quality consciousness - users concerned about most is the quality, appearance, performance, construction technology, demands the most were "quality", strict quality management, ensure to provide customers high quality and reliable products and services is the foundation of all our work.
Awareness of science and technology, we will have advanced production technology and the combination of independent design and development capabilities, to ensure that Long Kang water supply and drainage equipment in the forefront of industry technology development.
Environmental awareness - sustained development should be harmonious with nature, complement each other.From the enterprise product, will fully demonstrate the pursuit of environmental protection and energy saving.
Social responsibility - refused to use inferior raw material to low the winning project.